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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    [1] CHAPTER 1, Introduction to the Project 2

    Introduction 3

    Objectives 5

    Scope 6

    [2] CHAPTER 2, Company Profile 7

    About the Company 8

    Macrosofts Products 11

    Services Offered By Macrosofts Products 12

    Achievements 20

    Some of Macrosofts Satisfied Clients 21

    [3] CHAPTER 3, The Market Research 22

    About The Project 23

    Introduction To Market Research 25

    Task Assigned 26

    Research Methodology 29

    [4] CHAPTER 4, Data Analysis 31

    Data Analysis 32

    [5] CHAPTER 5, Major Findings 36

    Findings 37

    Limitations of The Company 39

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Suggestions 40

    [6] CHAPTER 6, Conclusion 41

    Conclusion 42

    Learning from Executive Training 43

    Limitations of The Research 44

    [7] ANNEXURE 1, Questionnaire 45

    [8] ANNEXURE 2, Details of Clients Visited 49

    [9] ANNEXURE 3, Bibliography 57


    Introduction to the Project

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    company. I have covered almost all parts of Khurda District (Mainly in

    Bhubaneswar). During my survey I have covered four hospitals, twenty two

    educational institutes (including schools and colleges) and nineteen small scale

    industries through questionnaire. I worked hard for two months. I hope the

    information and analysis in the project may help the company for their further

    expansion of business as well as to survive in this competitive world of marketing

    in the Bhubaneswar city.

    This report will help in understanding the market potential & Demand

    of customized software in the domestic market and access the adoption level of

    their products in the domestic market. The second to it was to analyze and

    recommend what steps company should take and which are the sectors should it

    target to increase its revenue.

    Macrosoft Associates got the image of creating software products. It

    owes its success to strength of its brand and loyalty they enjoy from the

    consumers, a strong sense of values driven from the company credo andenvironment. This sets the toughest standard of leadership.

    Advertisement makes maximum people to think about software i.e.

    getting their daily business computerized, next comes the salesman / consultant

    approach. The brand name plays a very important role in software companies;

    because some of the potential consumer I came across were giving preference to

    the brand name of the company or its parent company. People dont have any

    concern linked with services offered by the company, instead they think that the

    final software package plays far bigger and important role in fulfilling their needs.

    High net worth individuals are ready to invest in software sector and they also feel

    that it is a big investment option with 65% of them were accepting to this fact.

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    This study was conducted to know the market potential of Macrosoft

    Associates Pvt. Ltd. in the city of Bhubaneswar by analyzing different factors and

    individual market share of different software companies in Bhubaneswar.

    The main objectives of doing this project and preparing the report are

    as follows:

    To identify those factors which influence the buyers to buy and non-

    buyers to not to buy software.

    To examine the effectiveness of various promotional activities.

    To study the growth and expansion strategies of Microsoft Associates

    Pvt. Ltd.s software solutions.

    To determine the demand for each of the products in the market.

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    To understand the requirements of the customers towards the

    software services.

    To know approximate market share of Macrosoft associates and its

    core competitor.

    To know how it competes with competitors.

    To get information about the work culture, effective sales and services

    followed by the organization.

    To know the customer attitude towards Macrosoft associates.

    Customer awareness regarding the software available and their

    buying attitude.

    To study the overall performance of Macrosoft associates.


    In the present world of changing technology and turbulent

    environment, a farm has to constantly understand the future demand and latest

    trend in market. For this, they should be like an open system so that they can

    change themselves according to the environmental changes, only than a firm can


    I did marketing for Macrosoft Associates for two months. While doing

    so I also studied the market awareness towards software products. I collected

    data by interviewing various customers for the fulfillment of my market research.

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    By this intense research I get to know the challenges involved in software


    These followings are some of the challenges faced by me while doing

    marketing of software products:

    All most all software is available either for free or their pirated copies

    are sold at a negligible price, so it is very difficult to get people to pay for the

    original registered version of the same product.

    Software is valued similarly to information and the value of information

    is different to different people, so it is very difficult to price software.

    In comparison to traditional goods or FMCG products, consumers are

    very less in software. Also because of poor awareness they are not also

    willing to pay much for software. And advertising based products require high

    usage of that particular product which abstracts the personal requirement of

    each individual customer. So attracting the first users are quite difficult.

    There are hundreds of competitors exist in the market. And market is

    filled with almost same type of products from various competitors. So

    maintaining the uniqueness in the products is very tough.

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    endorsed with Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry

    of Commerce, Govt. of India, as a licensed software exporter & importer.

    Macrosoft associates is a multifunctional, Information Technology (IT)

    Solution Firm engaged in a spectrum of IT related activities. It keeps on redefining

    its targets consequent to new breakthroughs in the sphere of IT and ITES. Their

    experts continuously update their skills and brace themselves up for any

    challenging assignment that might come their way and which may involve huge

    amounts of energy and resources. Their commitment to excellence and

    adherence to quality has endeared them to their customers who have reposed

    trust on their ability to provide customized solutions for any unique or peculiar

    problem that the customer/consumer may encounter.

    Macrosoft associates pride on its achievements made possible by its

    highly talented work force whose focused approach and capacity to deliver within

    a pre-set time span has enabled the organization to execute its projects

    successfully.Their presence in different geographies has helped them gain

    valuable insights into the corporate practices of those territories and has enriched

    their knowledge base. This has also contributed to strengthening their position in

    those areas where a vast market is still lying untapped.

    Macrosoft associates are always awake to the shifting requirements of

    the clients and try to anticipate the need of his organization so that they couldcome up with model solutions prior to the actual occurrence of the problem. They

    are well equipped to take up projects of any dimension and of any proportion and

    offer parity in quality standards with their peers in the same sector. Macrosoft

    associates are always sensitive to the financial constraint of the client and provide

    cost effective solutions within clients budget stipulations.

    These are the following factors which gives Macrosoft Associates an

    advantage over its competitors:

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Extensive exposure to the IT industry

    High technology enabled environment

    Spectral and functional specialization

    Scalable solutions

    Qualitative excellence.

    Technical Solutions Provided By Macrosoft

    MAPLs technical team possesses a focused vision of expanding their

    customer base and overall increasing business effectiveness. We have functional

    expertise in traditional integration technologies and platforms such as:

    XML- Xslt, path, query, form, update, scheme

    Multimedia-corporate presentations, multimedia shows and


    Os-complete range of window servers

    Application-ms exchange, Biz tal, small talk, ms office 2003

    Back end- host integration servers, share point portal servers, smallbusiness server.

    DBMS-SQL server 2000, access

    Languages-VB 6,,asp,asp,net,c#

    Macrosofts Zone of Operation

    MAPL has been successfully delivering e-business solutions to

    several large and medium government agencies in India and at global level. We

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    have also succeeded in setting up a concrete platform for both small industries

    and private enterprises. Our solutions are targeted at the following customer

    segments of business.

    Telecom Sector

    Trading Wholesale and Distribution Industry.

    Small & Medium Manufacturing Enterprises

    Govt. Enterprises

    Tour, Travel & Hotel Industry

    Steel & Subsidiary Industries

    Schools, Colleges & Institutions

    Real Estate & construction.

    Medicine stores, clinics & hospitals

    Retail shops & malls

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Macrosofts Products

    Macrosoft Associates has developed a number of innovative products

    to suit customer needs. Their products are targeted to boost consumers

    operational efficiency and also manage critical applications of their business.

    Along with the products we they continuous support by qualified and experienced

    technical experts. Some of the products of Macrosoft Associates are;

    MAI BOOK : A web based Enterprise Accounting SolutionMAI On Object : A unique messaging system that allows you to set up

    publishers and subscribers, to send data in an email

    manner.MAI UDA : Significantly reduces development time with this product

    which sits between a user or programmer and an RDMS

    made up of dissimilar elements.MAI PAYROLL : An Enterprise Human Resources & Payroll Solution.MAI INVAC : Enterprise level Multi tier Accounting & Inventor

    Systems.MAI Tele CMM : Enterprise level Call Management Solution.MAI AGILE : Distributed Service Management Solution.MAI EHPS : Enterprise Human Resources & Payroll Solution.

    MAI SMS4U : Local SMS broad Casting Solution.MAI MEDICARE : Accounting and inventory solutions for medicine

    retailers & stockiest.MAI DOC : Document management system.

    Services Offered By MacrosoftsProducts

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    These are the spectrum of activities in which Macrosoft Associates is

    engaged in;

    Document Management System

    Documents encage the ideas and power initiative actions. Very often

    documents are found scattered across different locations in the organization.

    Macrosofts solution will centralize, store and manage these critical assets. It

    makes the documents readily available to those who want to use it for some

    specific purpose. MAPLs document management system will provide greater

    insight to organizations documents than the normal structure of arrangements.

    Application Management

    Macrosofts services will help the organizations to increase the

    performance and productivity of business critical applications. Fast, real time

    problem resolution is uniquely performed utilizing an end-to-end view of services,

    transactions and associated resources across platforms and subsystems. MAPLs

    solution can substantially reduce IT lifecycle costs across operations, support and

    development by directly linking operations and development.

    SMS Broadcasting

    Telecom revolution has brought the possibility of mass communication

    to affordable ranges and one of the exciting avenues in this mobile revolution is

    the use of SMS to send & receive short text messages in seconds. With SMS

    broadcaster one can send multiple messages to people directly right to their

    mobile phones getting the advantage of directly reaching the intended audience

    and their feedback instantly. The need to instantly send or receive significant bits

    of text/figures with people matter most. The messages can be crucial to be sent /

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  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    received instantly to give a better Competitive Advantage, gain greater

    Operational Control & be more agile and smart in Business, Operational and

    Administrative Activities.

    All which means greater ease of information dissipation at the fraction

    of conventional approaches costs & time. Telecom revolution has brought the

    power of Instant Messaging Service to affordable costs.

    Web CMS

    As websites are increasingly being used for serving multiple

    communication needs of business, maintaining and updating content has

    assumed very crucial role in this process. Macrosoft attempts to organize the

    collaborative management of website content. Websites are also facilitating

    smooth business transactions and faster decision making. However with large

    inflow of information having a direct bearing on the operation of the organization,

    it has become critically important to sieve through that information and assimilate

    those which are vital and jettison others which are of no significance. New

    features are being added which have reduced complications leading to efficient

    utilization of time and resources. Content Management Services and support is

    designed to maximize organizations online business. MAPL provides a

    comprehensive web service package keeping in view the needs and priorities of

    their clients.Macrosoft offers the following solutions meant for and directed at dispelling

    all web related complications and offering the client a seamless version of web

    management tool.

    Database Management System (DBMS)

    Capitalizing on Macrosofts distinct edge and the proven expertise of

    their committed work force, they can offer excellent functional models of database

    ~~ 1414 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    management system which will go a long way in helping the organization

    streamline its business framework along with organizing and integrating disparate

    databases, facilitating swift access of data from a centralized system. An

    organized database management system leads to quick retrieval of the desired

    data enabling fast decision making and considerable reduction in misdirected


    Automated Tools

    Operational efficiency can be increased and the frequency of errors

    can be reduced to a large extent due to extensive mechanization of various

    business processes. The comparative performance of tools and instruments

    operated manually is no match for the swift error free operation of the automated

    tools. MAPL helps clients to reap the benefits of an automated process by

    mechanizing their system and bringing those under a centralized loop.

    Application Maintenance and Support

    If the client is having an automated and well networked system, it

    requires proper maintenance and reinforcing inputs from time to time to keep it

    optimally functional. Consumers can entrust MAPL the responsibility of

    maintaining their vital applications and extending the required support to retain

    and improve their capabilities. MAPL expertise, updated till the latest

    breakthrough transfer the benefits accrued on account of an improved system to

    the organization.

    Web Design and Development Services

    A website has come to be regarded more as a convenient

    business communication tool rather than an information disseminator. A well

    ~~ 1515 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    designed and structured website has come to be accepted as an indicator of the

    corporate status of an organization. Websites serve multiple purposes starting

    from being information outlets to performing more complicated functions like

    process integration. MAPL possess refined expertise and the relevant skills to

    design and create great websites reflective of an organizations status and


    A website today is more than a just presence in the Web. It is all of

    promoting of selfs business activities and procuring business. In fact the Internet

    is a global high speed market & Information Exchange place hence all the more

    imperative to have an Internet presence.

    Here are some typical examples to give you an indication of MAPLs costs.

    1. Single Web Page: Marketing / Company Awareness

    Nowadays consumers expect reputable companies to have their own

    website. The easiest and quickest way to achieve an online presence would be to

    have a simple web page advertising the business and services offered.

    Companies who are not ready for a full website should opt for a single web page

    as a cost effective interim solution.

    2. Four or Five Web Pages: Company Synopsis

    This is a condensed, more informative website typically containing

    four or five pages such as home page, about us, products, contact details and an

    online enquiry forms.

    3. Approximately Ten Web Pages for a Small or Medium


    This type of website would expand on option-2, including more

    detailed web pages to allow the business to illustrate its existing portfolio of

    ~~ 1616 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    services and offerings. Customer testimonials could be included along with online

    enquiry/contact forms.

    4. Basic Ecommerce Website

    This will contain approximately ten web pages as in option-3, but will

    include an online payment function. This solution is targeted towards businesses

    with a small number of items which they wish to sell online using PayPal or a

    similar payment processing service.

    5. Full E-commerce Website

    A full E-commerce is a website with a shopping cart to process online

    credit card payments. This site would typically include a secure online

    administration area allowing you to manage product details and maintain stock


    Multimedia Solution

    Organizations and firms engaged in education, advertising, films and

    Television production require different variants of multimedia applications to

    different degrees to cater to their various requirements arising out of their

    business operation. MAPL provides business compatible solutions designed with

    innovative and creative application of a variety of multimedia tools.

    E-commerce Solutions

    Business enterprises these days want to leverage on the development

    in the IT sector to drive their business growth. E-commerce is being resorted for

    smooth process integration and elimination of procedural snags. The problems

    associated with voluminous physical transactions could be successfully obviated

    ~~ 1717 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    and the time involved could be substantially reduced by adopting novel E

    commerce models.

    MAPL can suggest varieties of models that will effect a smooth

    transition to an E-commerce platform. So the client would be able to integrate

    online and off line operation through the models developed by Macrosoft. A

    centralized system for order fulfillment and product management will be created.

    MAPL can also provide turnkey integrated E-commerce solutions and

    professional services that reduce deployment time without straining clients

    internal resources.

    Legacy Management

    MAPL provides legacy management services in a collaborative

    working model that leverages on the rich industry experience of MAPLs on-site

    consultants and their multi-skilled technical teams. MAPL also provides services

    to maintain, support, re-engineer, and migrate legacy systems and entire

    application portfolios. MAPL preserve the business logic captured in their

    customers systems and modernize them with minimal effort. All their legacy

    management services are provided from their offshore development centers, in

    close association with other supporting groups. MAPLs deep technology focus,

    industry expertise and customer centric approach have endeared them to their


    Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    CRM is a software solution that helps enterprise businesses by

    managing customer relationship in an organized manner. MAPL does so by

    delivering the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible for

    organizations to track and analyze shifting customer needs, link marketingcampaigns to sales results, and monitor sales, activities for improved forecasting

    ~~ 1818 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    accuracy and manufacturing demand. Through CRM organizations are able to

    share and manage business information the result is CRM success. The

    general purpose of CRM is to enable organizations to better manage their

    customers through the introduction of reliable systems, processes and

    procedures. In order to gain a competitive advantage and differentiate products

    and services in the market place, companies must shift their focus from a product-

    centric view to a customer centric one.

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    The need for cutting edge ERP solutions is becoming crucial in the

    present IT powered business environment. This is accentuated by the fact that

    even the most fundamental market philosophies are undergoing metamorphosis.

    Market for almost all products/services has become truly global. Further the

    customers have become more knowledgeable of the various choices on offer.

    Thus delivering products as per customer satisfaction is getting difficult with the

    onrush of new players in the market space. We are opening the doors to

    increased ERP benefits.

    MAPL offers a robust distributed delivery model that incorporates all

    components of implementation and implementation involved support to provide

    their clients with a complete enterprise solution.

    Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

    Business applications complement and supplement each others

    functions. The objective of enterprise application integration is to create a platform

    that enables fast integration and extremely rapid development of composite

    applications that serves to build new strategic business solutions that leverages

    the functionality of existing applications, orchestrate new business processes and

    integrate the data across the enterprise. Users expect instant access to all

    ~~ 1919 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    business functions an enterprise can offer, regardless of which system the

    functionality may reside in. This requires disparate applications to be connected

    into a larger, integrated solution. Macrosoft Associates evaluate tools to build the

    strategy for EAI integration, plan the EAI application and design, estimate the cost

    and resource requirements and provide post implementation support and service.

    MAPL excels in integrating EAI applications. Their strength lies with

    their dedicated development team with cross functional expertise. They are

    always on guard to advance with the growing technological advances and

    concentrate on providing innovative solutions to deliver quality product.

    Networking Services

    Macrosoft Associates have successfully designed, integrated and

    deployed large networks to suit the business needs of their clients and that also

    within their cost constraints. The team of their expert is all equipped to handle

    projects efficiently as they have the relevant job compatible skills and the edge of

    experience. They ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction by staying

    continual touch with the client as the project progresses.

    Networking services provided by Macrosoft Associates:

    Construction of operational networks

    Integration of network platforms

    Reconfiguration and up gradation of network systems

    Network administration

    Network back-up including disaster maintenance support

    Wireless networking

    Networking Security

    Antivirus Services

    ~~ 2020 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    MAPLs CEO Mr. Bikram Ray was Awarded Hind Ratan in

    2001 by former Prime Minister of India Mr. H.D. Devegowda for best

    NRI entrepreneurship.

    Ranked 13th leading MNC Software house under the STPI division.

    National level implementer of CMM for Reliance Telecom across 11


    Best Software Solutions Vendor for Department of Revenue,

    Massachusetts, USA.

    Awarded ISV Advantage Stature by IBM for India.

    Macrosoft is a certified solution provider.

    ~~ 2121 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Some of Macrosofts Satisfied Clients

    1. Foreign Clients

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts ( Dept. of Revenue and Dept. of

    Training & employment) in USA.

    Govt. Connect-Structured testing methodology system in USA.

    Lockheed Martin-Support layer development in USA

    State Rail(NSW) in Australia

    Suffolk University, USA


    ROWALDEN Shells Inc., USA

    World link-Communication tracking and billing system, USA

    2. Domestic Client

    Reliance telecom

    Jindal power and steel-Enterprise HR and payroll system.

    ~~ 2222 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Department of Public Enterprises, Govt. of Orissa

    D.A.V Public School

    Jupiter +2 Science College

    G.I.T.A College Of engineering

    Nalanda Institute Of Technology



    Akash Institute

    Adyant Institute

    Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt.Ltd

    ~~ 2323 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Research Objective

    To study the market awareness towards software products.

    To gain knowledge and experience in the field of marketing.

    To know the challenges involved n software marketing and to

    differentiate software marketing from marketing traditional goods.

    Research Profile

    There are many software companies as well as software solutions

    exist in the market. Different companies are targeting to the different customers.

    There are companies who target to the company like Jindal Industries, Coca cola,

    private sector banks, big organizations.

    My research profile included taking appointment with decision takersin companies (like Presidents, Managing Directors & Senior Managers) across all

    organizations (ranging from Manufacturers, Institutions, Hospitals & Medicine

    Stores) and interviewing them based upon different parameters of the

    questionnaire provided by me.

    From my survey I found that in Bhubaneswar, people are unaware of

    software products as well as reluctant to buy or invest such amount in it and most

    of the companies are targeting to the middle level organizations and software

    products of different companies is based on different language.

    I found that different companies are having different product on

    different languages and ranking of the company is depends up on their brand.

    Now in Bhubaneswar people are using modern technology so the software

    product will be more demandable.

    ~~ 2525 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Area Covered

    Bhubaneswar and nearby areas.

    Time Available

    Two months or sixty days of time was given to me as per the

    university guidelines.


    Questionnaire was prepared by me with help ofMs. Rashmi Rekha

    Sahoo, my company guide.

    Introduction To Market Research

    ~~ 2626 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge.

    Research can be defined as a systematic and scientific search for knowledge.

    Some people consider research a Systematic effort to gain knowledge.

    Marketing research is an academic activity and as such the term should be used

    in a technical sense. It is an original contribution to the existing stock of

    knowledge marking for its advancement. The systematic approach concerning

    generalization and the formulation of a theory is also research. It has its special

    significance in solving various operational and planning problems of business and


    Operation research and market research along with motivational

    research are considered crucial and their assist, in more than one way, in taking

    business decisions. Market research is the investigation of the structure and

    development of a market for the purpose of formulating efficient policies for

    purchasing, production and sales. Market analysis has become an integral tool of

    business policies these days. Business budgeting, which ultimately results in aprojected profit and loss account, is based on sales estimates, which in turn

    depends upon business research.

    Once sales forecasting is done, efficient production and investment

    programs can be set up based upon the purchasing and financial plans. It

    provides the intellectual satisfaction of knowing a few things just for the sake of

    knowledge and also has practical utility for the social scientist to know for the

    sake of being able to do something better or in a more efficient manner.

    Task Assigned

    ~~ 2727 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    My 1st week of management training was of product training of two

    products one was SMS4U and another was Website Design. From the 2nd week

    itself I started working on products which was given to us. From the 3rd week I

    was working for some more products of Macrosoft Associates.

    Hence these are the following tasks I performed during my research.

    Continually prospect for new customers through ongoing creative,

    organized, targeted lead generation activities.

    Follow-up with customers prospects and leads.

    Coordinates sales calls meetings and presentations; create and

    delivers customized standard presentations.

    Assess and identify customer needs, effectively handle objections,

    close sales.

    Develop and manages ongoing lead / Accounts Pipeline.

    Cultivate relationships, laterally and above the primary contact.

    Resolve customer complaints/issues by effectively working with the

    customer relations team to support customer.

    Subsequently taking care of the effective revenue collection from the


    Manage complex sales situations & acquire clients based on value

    based selling.

    Interaction with senior management in the client organizations &

    present MAPLs products & services.

    ~~ 2828 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    I was very much fortunate that the extra responsibility or the task was

    given to me to start working on the 3rd week itself because of my sincerity and

    dedication towards the work. I sincerely thank to MAPLs Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. S. P. Parija, my company guide Ms. Rashmi Rekha Sahoo and all the staff

    who are working for the company because of them I was capable enough to take

    that difficult task.

    Primary Marketing Research

    1. Personal Interview

    The investigator follows a rigid procedure and seeks answer to a set

    of preconceived questions through personal interviews. This method of collecting

    data is usually carried out in a structured way where output depends upon the

    ability of the interviewer to a large extent.

    2. Telephone Interview

    This method of collecting information involves contacting the

    respondents on a telephone itself. This is not a very widely used method but it

    plays an important role in industrial surveys in developed regions, particularly

    when the survey has to be accomplished in a very limited time.

    3. Mailing of Questionnaire

    The researcher and the respondent do come in contact with each

    other if this type of research method is adopted. Questionnaire are mailed to the

    respondents with a request to return it after completing the same. It is the most

    extensively used method in various economic and business surveys. Before

    ~~ 2929 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    applying this method, usually a pilot survey for testing the questionnaire is

    conducted which reveals the weakness, if any, of the questionnaire.

    4. Schedules

    Under this method the enumerator are appointed and given training.

    They are provided with schedules which contains relevant questions. These

    enumerators go to the respondents with these schedules. Data are collected by

    filling up he schedules by enumerators on the basis of replies given by the


    5. By Observation

    This method implies the collection of information by way of

    investigators own observation, without interviewing the respondents. The

    information relates to what is currently happening and is not complicated b either

    the past behavior of future intensions or attitude of respondents. This method is

    no doubt an expensive method and the information provided by this method is

    also very limited.

    Secondary Marketing Research

    Secondary data provides a starting point for research and offer the

    advantage of low cost and ready availability. The internet; World Wide Web is

    now the greatest repository of information. For my project report I have collected

    the data from internet, newspaper, company broachers & magazine and


    ~~ 3030 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Research Methodology

    Approach to The Project

    The project is aimed to obtain the needs and requirements of

    individuals and to study their attitude, awareness, perception and view towards

    MAPLs products. The project thus involved getting qualitative view from

    customers and converting them into quantitative figures. To achieve this end,

    people from different posh locality belonging to different age group and income

    segment were approached for obtaining their views through use of a


    Sources of Data

    ~~ 3131 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    The initial literature for this research were obtained from various public

    sources, including various websites on the internet, articles in magazines and

    some previously published reports.

    Method of Data Collection

    Questionnaire was used to record the view of various individuals both

    present and prospective. A model questionnaire was initially administered to

    about five individuals to test the effectiveness of the instrument in obtaining the

    required information and its ease of use. The information obtain the pre-testing is

    then used to improve the instrument.

    The final questionnaire was of multiple choice types (close ended).

    That was administered to people at different locations in the Bhubaneswar City

    and in some nearby areas.

    Sample Techniques Used

    The sampling technique used was single unit sampling without

    replacement. Within this broad framework, stratified random sampling was used,

    where customers were classified into five strata based on the type of business of

    their organization. Judgmental sampling was used to determine the locations

    where prospective respondents could be found.

    Sample Size

    The survey was conducted on a sample of 45 clients. Considering the

    fact that presently Macrosoft Associates is targeting client having small scale

    industries and emerging organizations, thats why most of the respondents were

    selected from this segment.

    ~~ 3232 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Methods of Data Analysis

    Several tools were used for data analysis. These includes

    Pie Charts

    Bar Graphs

    Cross Tabulations

    Widely used statistical software Microsoft Excel was used for most of

    the analysis.

    Presentation and Analysis of Data

    The analysis of data collected from the survey in Bhubaneswar city

    was carried out using Microsoft Excel software.

    The analysis throws some interesting and unexpected results and

    sheds light on the changing trends and preferences of the people towards

    software solutions.

    ~~ 3333 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report





    Data Analysis

    1. Responses of clients towards MAPLs softwaresolutions:

    1. Did not have any requirement 14 31

    ~~ 3434 ~~

    Responses of

    the clients

    Nos. of


    % in the Sample

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    2. Asked for demo 4 9

    3. Asked for proposal 12 27

    4. Told to contact later 15 33

    Interpretation:31% clients were not having any requirement for softwaresolutions because they were either already using some solutions and did not

    require it anymore or they were not using any computers in their work. 36% of

    them shown interest on MAPLs products and asked for demo & proposal. Rest

    33% told us to contact them later because they were not having any requirement

    for the time being but they are planning to have it in future.

    2. Responses of clients towards price of MAPLssoftware solutions:

    ~~ 3535 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    1. Stron

    g ly satisfied

    4 9

    2. Satisfied 11 25

    3. Neither nor 6 13

    4. Dissatisfied 17 38

    5. Strongly dissatisfied 7 15

    Interpretation: 36% of our clients shown satisfaction to the price wequoted to them. 13% of them were not having any idea regarding the price of

    ~~ 3636 ~~

    Responses of

    the clients

    Nos. of


    % in the Sample

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    software solutions available in the market so they did not give any comment. 53%

    clients showed their dissatisfaction towards the price of our products. They said it

    is costlier than those solutions available in the market.


    Responses of clients towards brand image of MAPLssoftware solutions:

    1. Already a user 4 9

    2. Knows about it but yet not an user 12 27

    3. Just heard of it 18 40

    4. Never heard of it 11 24

    ~~ 3737 ~~

    Responses of

    the clients

    Nos. of


    % in the Sample

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Interpretation:We asked this question to our clientsto know the effect ofMAPLs brand image on its product. % of them were satisfied users of MAPLs

    product and gave positive responses. 27% of them knew well about MAPLs

    brand name but yet havent used any. 40% of them just had heard about MAPL

    and 24% were completely unaware of MAPL.


    Product wise % market demand of software solutionsthat MAPL offers in Bhubaneswar Market:

    ~~ 3838 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    Website Designing 12 26.7

    2. Medicare Solution 3 6.7

    3. SMS Broadcasting 10 22.2

    4. Service Management 8 17.8

    5. Document Management System 1 2.2

    6. Accounting Solutions 2 4.4

    7. Others 9 20

    Interpretation: This survey was done to know the market demand ofdifferent solution that MAPL offers. Website Designing was the mostly demanded

    ~~ 3939 ~~

    Software Solutions Demand in nos. Demand in %

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    solution due to the hype of internet in the last decade. And Document

    Management System was least demanded due to high cost & availability of

    cheaper substitute of the product. (Ex.: Tally)

    CHAPTER 5Major Findings

    ~~ 4040 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    After a rigorous research and evaluation of all the data obtained from

    it, these are the following thing I have found out related to Macrosoft Associates.

    Product like SMS4U has a good demand in educational institutes and

    medium scale industries.

    In the verge of globalization Website Designing is having a bright

    future in the market, because maximum number of clients showed interest

    towards having a website for their organization. Although more than them

    were already having webpage of their organization.

    While my research, the market was very cooperating. Companies

    were giving references and also needs of other companies.

    Some of the companies were not aware that there is a software

    solution available in the market, which will enhance the efficiency of their day

    to day activity.

    Some of the organizations work process was not even computerized.

    Most of the companies were unaware about the existence of

    Macrosoft Associates.

    Bigger Companies are already using software packages required to

    them and dont want to invest anymore.

    Some of the companies are price conscious.

    ~~ 4141 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Apart from this I also studied the characteristics of software marketing

    and found the difference in marketing approach between marketing software

    products and traditional products. Some of the characteristics which differentiate

    software products from traditional products are:

    Software market growth is driven by innovation.

    Software products life cycle is very short due to continuous

    development in technology and customization as per the requirements of the


    Due to markets are global, competition is very intense.

    Understanding and using software products requires high intensity of


    Software is a prototypical high technology industry. So implementation

    of software products comes in a cost of overhauling of equipments like

    computers and automation of other hardware.


    ~~ 4242 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Limitations of The Company

    Some sort of limitation is very obvious in every business; it makes you

    understand about the working condition of the organization. Having understood all

    the limitation it makes you put more effort and asks for tweaking up. Without

    paying any attention to the limitation one would not be able to know where he


    Some of the constraints that I found out during the procedure of my

    research project are:

    As the conversion ratio of IT market in India and particularly in Orissa

    is 100:1, so it creates a very complex and critical environment both for the

    Marketing as well as for the Development team to cope with the situation.

    Because of the enhancement in the Technologies and introduction of

    New one in a very short, time period creates a complex situation for the

    company to target the customer and meet their needs in an effective


    ~~ 4343 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    From my market survey and according to my findings I came to know

    about the weakness of Macrosoft Associates and I suggest these following few to

    do things which may help them in enhancing their business activities.

    Company needs a heavy sales promotion activity because our

    company is producing new products which people are unaware of.

    Promotional efforts like holding frequent seminar & Sponsoring ITrelated events will improve the brand image of MAPL in the market.

    Providing sample demos, such as through Power Point Slides on

    existing software solutions, so that the clients can be able to understand,

    what are the features of the software and tell his needs accordingly.

    ~~ 4444 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Most of the people agree that software is a good solution of their daily

    requirement so company should built their strategy in such a way that it

    would meet all the needs and wants of the customers.

    The company should modify the sales strategy by the view of the

    customer and also taking care of advertisement and media publications.

    Company should introduce new products which can target to the lower

    equity company.

    The software solutions can be customized according to various

    industry needs such as pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing industries,

    automobiles and real estates.

    ~~ 4545 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report





    From the above study I can conclude that even though MacrosoftAssociates is a small software solution providing company in comparison to the

    other companies existing in this huge global market, then also it is growing like a

    monster and showing its potential in the market. The example of which is the

    numbers of international and domestic clients they have entertained. It develops

    its various products in the market day to day.

    This study reveals there is a perfect market condition in Bhubaneswar

    or in Orissa for software products. Effective marketing strategic planning will help

    ~~ 4646 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Macrosoft Associates to attract and serve a wide number of customers who are

    scattered all over the market.

    Learning from Executive Training

    The whole Summer Internship Project was a great learning experiencefrom the first day itself. Different people to deal with, and a more practical world

    where competition is the key word and target based job makes me stay always on

    my feet to be a go getter.

    During the Summer Internship Project I was assigned various tasks by

    the organization. the organizations assignment given to me was promoting their

    software product and the concepts developed by the company in the market. This

    gave me direct exposure to the workflow of organizations engaged in such

    ~~ 4747 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    concept promotions. It gave me more in depth exposure to its functioning. The

    whole process gave me the first hand feel of teamwork, strategy building and

    planning and proper execution of strategies. I learnt how to deal with hurdles in

    achieving the desired goal; how to deal with people of different mindset and even

    learnt that convincing is the sole tool for making a business boom in the market

    apart from good product and service. I also learnt that conceptual selling is much

    more competitive and difficult in terms of achieving goals. Selling intangible

    products or goods, making clients understand the advantages of such products is

    tougher than doing it for tangible products. I also learnt how to approach different

    organization, make them understand the concept provided by Macrosoft

    Associates and the after effects of the implementation of such software in their

    organization. I had shown them the impact of the solution on their long term goals.

    I have also learnt of several facts about strategies, which help the organization to

    secure good market position in the software market where solution providers large

    in number and are in a race towards achieving maximum out of the somewhatlimited opportunities in the software market.

    Limitations of The Research

    Though the report is completely based upon the true practical facts

    and correct data obtain from the marketing research, but it also has certain

    limitations. Some of them are:

    This being a convenience sample, the analysis may not be true picture

    of the target population.

    ~~ 4848 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Lack of appropriate knowledge regarding all the products of Macrosoft

    Associates lead me to mis-interpretation of questions to be asked for data


    Sometimes, the respondents mislead me by providing untrue


    Marketing research is carried out on consumers who are human being

    have and humans have the tendency to behave artificially when they get to

    know they get to know that they are being observed. This aspect of human

    behavior disturbed the result of our project.

    ~~ 4949 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Name : ..

    Designation : ..

    Address : ..

    Contact No. : .

    Organization Name : .

    1. What kind of business operation is carried out in your organization?

    (a)What are your success indicators? (e.g. 70% students graduation)


    2. Are you using any kind of software solution to improve business?

    (a) Yes (b) No

    3. If yes, than what are the solutions you are using?



    4. Do you need any other computer / web development services?

    (a) Personal website

    (b) Hardware and networking support(c) Company demo presentation

    (d) Brochure and Company Branding designing

    (e) Other Software & Hardware Supports

    5. From where do you get to know about the various software product &


    (a) Print media

    (b) Electronic media

    ~~ 5151 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    (c) From your friends

    (d) From direct approach

    (e) From web

    (f) Any other media, if yes then specify.

    6. Whether you are satisfied with your current software product or service?

    (a) Yes (b) No

    7. If no, what are the difficulties you are facing?



    8. What kind of improvements do you need?


    9. Do you need any of these solutions? If yes when?

    (a) Accounting Solution MAI. Book

    (b) Document Management Solution MAI. Doc

    (c) HR and Payroll solution - PAYROLL(d) Inventory Solution

    (e) Call Monitoring Management Solutions (For Call Centers)

    (f) SMS Broad Casting Software Solution

    (g) Accounts & Inventory Solution (Rice, Flour & Oil Mills)

    (h) MEDICARE for Pharmaceuticals & Medicine Shops (Inventory & Billing)

    (i) WEIGHBRIDGE for monitoring the weight of the raw materials in mines.

    (j) Service Management Software AGILE (For Electrical Organization)

    (k) Logistic Solution (For Transportation Organizations)

    (l) Others (__________________________________________________)

    10. Any other solutions you want to use but not available in market?

    Summary: ____________________________________________________________

    Benefit to your Business: ________________________________________________

    ~~ 5252 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    11. What is your opinion about the brand name of MAPLs Software


    (a)Already a satisfied user

    (b)Knows about it but yet not an user

    (c)Just heard of it

    (d)Never heard of it

    12. Are you satisfied with the price we quote for our products?

    (a)Strongly satisfied


    (c)Neither nor


    (d)Strongly Dissatisfied

    13. For detail information, do you like Macrosoft Business Support team to

    contact you or any of your reference who may need software solution?

    (a) Yes (b) No

    14. If yes please provide:

    Organization Name Contact No.:

    (a) __________________________________________________________

    (b) __________________________________________________________

    (c) __________________________________________________________

    ~~ 5353 ~~

    Signature of the

    Management Trainee

    Signature of the

    Management Trainee

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Annexure 2

    Details of Clients Visited

    ~~ 5454 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    7. Gaurav College of Commerce & Management

    Mob. - 9437635515, Phone No. - 0674-2541142

    [email protected],,

    Plot No. - 137, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate.

    8. Orissa Trust of Technical Education Training

    Phone No. - 0674-2580771/258113

    Plot No. - S-3/68, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate.

    9. Sonthalia Food Products Ltd.

    Plot No. - S-3/37, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate.


    10. Viswass School of Nursery,

    Mob. - 9238101673

    Phone No. - 0674-2530333

    Plot No. - 474, Pitapalli,

    N.H. - 5, Khurda

    11. Gurukul Institute of Technology,

    Phone No. - 0674-2472525/2471416

    Pitapalli, N.H. - 5


    12. Biswakarma Technical Training Center, (ITI)

    Phone No. - 06755-222125/220085

    Nabinabag, New Bus Stand Road,


    13. Baruneyi Technical Training Center, (ITI)

    Mob. 9861540577, Phone No. - 06755-221124

    Plot No. - 57, Khurda Industrial Estate,

    ~~ 5656 ~~

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]://
  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    14. HIL - Tech ITC (ITI)

    Mob. - 99380858568/9337362133

    Pandiapada, Retanga,


    15. P.J. College

    Mob. - 9937251897

    Phone No. - 0674-26417247

    A-1, 1st Floor, Ruchika Market, Bhubaneswar.

    16.Premier School of Hotel Management,

    Mob. - 9861574966/9937372213

    Phone No. - 2475277

    HIG - 271, Kalinga Vihar,

    17. Jyoti Sabiliser

    Prema House,

    Phone No. - 0674-2588556

    Website -

    E Mail - [email protected]

    Plot No. - 222-C, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate.

    18. Einstein Academy of Technology & Management

    Phone No. - 0674-2585101

    N- 4/2, I. R. C. Village,

    Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

    19. Susree Plastic Industry

    Phone No. - 0674-2580317

    Plot No. - 177, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate. Bhubaneswar

    20. R. C. E. M.

    Phone No. - 0674-2580831/2587456

    Plot No. - 18, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,

    ~~ 5757 ~~[email protected]://[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    21. Bhubaneswar Industrial Training Center,

    Phone No. - 0674-2585247,

    S-3/26, Sector - A, Zone - B

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    22. Kesar Ceramic Pvt. Ltd

    Phone No. - 0674-2580302

    Plot No. - 71, Sector - A, Zone - B

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    23. Alfa Transformer Ltd.

    Phone No. - 0674-2580484/581036

    Plot No. - 33337, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,


    24.ORETUS Business Academy

    Mob. - 93371 71119

    Phone No. - 0674 - 2586137,

    E Mail - [email protected]

    Website -

    D-2/18, Sector-A, Zone-D,

    (Near Odisha Bhaskar Press)

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,

    Bhubaneswar - 751 010, Orissa

    25. Rockwell Industrial Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Phone No. - 0674-2587652/2587640

    Plot No. - 20/b, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate


    26. Lakshmi Health Care Products

    Mob. - 9437003250

    Plot No. - 40/F, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,

    ~~ 5858 ~~

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    27. M. K. Construction & Real Estate

    M. K. Plastics

    Tarini Polymers

    Mob. - 9861013173/9861383360

    Phone No. - 0674-2302399

    Plot No. - 40/B, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    28. Sree Jagannath Chemicals

    Phone No. - 0674-2580439/6540164

    Plot No. - 46, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    29. Vishweshraya ITC (ITI)

    Mob. - 9437215047

    Phone No. - 0674-2588282

    E-mail - [email protected]

    Plot No. - 63/A, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    30. United Polymers & Electrical Pvt. Ltd.

    Phone No. - 0674-2583120

    Plot No. - 35/36, Sector - A, Zone - D

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate,


    31. NOUSIS ITC (ITI)

    Mob. - 9437006477/9437170753

    E-mail - [email protected]

    Plot No. - 7/A, Sector - A, Zone - B

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    32. Prachi Clinic

    Dr. Biren Padhy (Surgion)

    Mob. No. - 9937133810

    Phone No.- 0674-2558656, 2555118

    ~~ 5959 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    I. R. C. Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

    33. Modern Medicare Hospital

    Dr. Bibhuti Bhusana Sahoo

    Phone No.- 0674-2360523

    E-mail - [email protected]

    Near Biju Patnaik Science College,

    I. R. C. Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

    34. Swarna Nursing HomeDr. Chittaranjan DashI. R. C. Village, Nayapalli,


    35. Usthi Hospital

    Dr. R. Barik

    Mob. No. - 9437056711

    Phone No.- 0674-2556223/2556267

    Website :

    E-mail :[email protected] No. N4-1/1, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

    36. Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management (BIITM)

    Mr. Pratap Balwantray (Director)

    Phone No. 0674-2743519/2743017

    E-mail : [email protected]

    Plot No. F/4, Patia, Bhubaneswar

    37. Nobel ITC

    Mr. Prdeep Ku. Das

    Mob. No. - 9853110829

    Phone No.-0674-2587329

    Sector - A, Zone - DMancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    38. S. N. Tools

    Mr. A. K. Mishra

    Phone No. - 0674-2580227Plot No. 3/22, Sector-A, Zone-B,

    ~~ 6060 ~~

    mailto:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]
  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report


    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    39. College of Engineering Bhubaneswar

    Mr. Niladri Bihar Ray

    Phone No. - 0674-2740133

    Plot No. 1 (A), Sector-B

    Patia, Bhubaneswar

    40. Central Institute for Fresh water Aquaculture

    Mr. Nagen Barik

    Mob. No. 943838516

    Balakati, Puri Road

    41. Ruchi Agro Cooling Pvt. Ltd.

    Mr. Ramakanta Panigrahi

    Plot No. B/20,

    Chandaka Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    42. Himalayan Institute of Management & technology

    Mr. Ashok Ku. Sarangi

    Mob. No. - 9437072215

    Phone No. - 0674-2725676

    Plot No. B/49, Chandaka Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    43. Utkal Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

    Phone No.-0674-2587632/2587507

    Sector - A, Zone - DMancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    44. IMAGE

    Mr. Manoranjan Sahoo

    Mob. No. - 9437035649

    Phone No.-0674-2588753/2583053

    Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar

    45. Triveni Academy

    Mrs. Madhumita Dash,Mob. No. 9938208008/9861329900

    Plot No. 62D/63, Ganga Nagar,

    ~~ 6161 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    Annexure 3


    ~~ 6262 ~~

  • 8/8/2019 Situ's Report



    [1] Philip Kotler Marketing Management 11th edition, Pearson edition,


    [2] J. E. McCarthy, Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach. Homewood

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