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The Herd Keep your herbs together

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The HerdKeep your herbs together

The HerdKeep your herbs togetherI looked into may different types of herb prep-

Freezing was the only product that wasnt widely on the market,Ice cube trays are only way of freezing,Then researched into freezing herbs.

Product Research-

The HerdKeep your herbs togetherIdea 1-Freeze and cuts herbs to table spoon amounts.

Freezing isnt a great USP alone

Starting of designs-

Idea 2-Freeze and stores herbs in table spoon amount with cutter and board.

To completed for simple problem

Idea 3-Freeze herbs or make stock balls with herbs.

No real USP

The HerdKeep your herbs togetherSimple easy design,Stores dry herbs,Stores fresh herbs,Makes stock jellies,Freezes herbs.

The Herd Design-

The HerdKeep your herbs togetherTest 1-Used a coffee jar attached magnets and froze it.

Testing The Herd-

Test 2-Made a mock up of triangle to see if can get herbs in.

Test 3-Made full size tubs to see if fits in hand well.

Test 3-Made full size of what I think holder will look like.

The HerdKeep your herbs together

New Pod Design-

The HerdKeep your herbs together

The Herd rethink-

The HerdKeep your herbs together

The Herd-

The Herd will be made of Polypropylene due to it being freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Also BPA-free. This is also a low cost plastic and is easily injection moulded. and the Herd Pods are magnetically sealed, they will be moulded into the pod itself so wont be seen. The whole thing will be injection moulded apart from the glass that will be the same as the magnets it will be moulded straight into the pod itself.

The HerdKeep your herbs together

The Herd-

The new changes have reduced the cost per unit from 9.25p for 100,000 too 6.05p for 100,000 units and I the new look also gives a great option in selling it. The new design means you can sell The Herd in two different ways as a whole with 5 pods and the bored or as a single pod. The sat would wholesale at about 12 and retail at 25, and the single pod would cost 4 pound wholesale and 8 retail.