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Hi! My name is Jamila Stephen. I’m perusing my Early Childhood Education diploma at Centennial college This is my first semester.

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Hi! My name is Jamila Stephen. I’m perusing my Early Childhood Education diploma at Centennial college This is my first semester.

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I was born and raised in Pakistan, South Asia

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I got my Bachelor Degree in Biology and chemistry and Certification in Women Nation Guards Training from Pakistan. This training provided me with the knowledge and opportunity to built up my self-confident and discipline. I completed my Early Childhood Assistant course from Yorkdale High in Toronto, Canada.

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I immigrated to Canada in 2002.

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I lived in England and New York. Where I started a Domestic daycare service .Child care needs are same all over the world but the understanding of early learning for children is varies from country to country. I fostered strong relations with the children I was working with and their families.

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Volunteer Work I worked as teacher in Church School and

women organization to provide women with some skills to support their families. I also worked with street children to teach them how to read and write.

Helped children learn how to clean themselves, and helped build their self-esteem and nurture a positive attitude.

I have knowledge and experience working with children in different settings for nearly 25 years.

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Goals My short-term goals are :

Complete my ECE Diploma with honors

Obtain a fulfilling and rewarding career in child care

My long-term goals are : Acceptance from university for post graduate degree in Early Childhood Education.

To build my own Daycare facility

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My mother is my inspiration .She brought me up with love and gave me a good education and instilled life long values. She had less resources and less education than anyone but she still devoted her self to her children and gave us better life.

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HobbiesPlanting vegetables and herbsGardening: growing flowers Sewing, knitting and block paintingVarious little arts and craft projects Playing and walking with my dog KicheSometimes I play baseball with my daughter.I won lot of prizes in 100M races, Long JumpsAnd marathon races when I was younger but I still enjoy going on long walks.

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I’m married and have two Kids

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“No one wants a Education. Everyone wants a Degree”- Lee Rudolph

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Thanks for viewing my Portfolio