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  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report



    Entremet Report

    helor of Cl!nar" Art# an$ %oo$ Ser&!ce Mana'ement (H)

    Prepare$ +",

    A!man A#"raf -00./P105/o#ha Choo -00./P102Kenn" )n' -00./H103

    4a! Pol!t -006/P156

  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Table of Contents

    History of Entremet -

    Entremet Planning 2


    Shape .

    Colours 5

    Decorations 3Ingredients 6

    Equipment and Utensils

    Jo Delegation Planning 1

    Time !rgani"ation Planning -0

    #iche Technique -- 7 -

    Conceptuali"ation -.7-5

    $itchen %equisition #orm -3

    Product Presentation Planning -6

  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    History of Entremet

    Entremets is a &ord deri'ed from !ld #rench &hich carries the meaning of (et&een

    ser'ings)* It used to e a dish ser'ed for noility and upper middle class people in

    +estern Europe during the end of the ,iddle -ges and the early periods of modern

    society* It &as usually ser'ed et&een courses and its ser'ing &as al&ays a sign that a

    course has ended and the next one &ould egin shortly*

    Entremet in the eginning &as not al&ays dessert. instead it ranged from a 'ariety of

    things such as right coloured porridge to &ine fountains designed as castles

    accompanied y entertainers* -lthough the dish ser'ed &ould e simple the one thing that

    stood out &as the dish &as al&ays prepared in 'i'id colours*

    -s time &ent on entremet ecame increasingly elaorate* Poultry and game animals &ere

    redressed after coo/ing to resemle the li'ing animal* #oods &ere also prepared to loo/

    li/e other exotic animals . to resemle old castles or to as a picture of an epic /night in

    attle* Some entremets &ere so huge that they required many ser'ants to carry them*

    Today. entremets usually ta/e the form of a s&eet course or a pastry that is traditionally

    ser'ed after the cheese course near the end of the meal* In this sense. an entremet is amulti0layered mousse ca/e featuring a 'ariety of textures and fla'ors* It is still intended to

    delight oth the palate and the eye and to e not only food ut a form of entertainment*

    There are no& many types of equipment used to ma/e interesting shapes such as

    pyramid or domes and the technique of decorating these dishes ha'e een refined*

    )l$ Entremet Ne8 Entremet 1

  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Entremet Planning

    !ur group comprised of four people that included -iman. Joshua. $enny and 1a/i* +hen

    gi'en this assignment &e first decided to go through the entremet pastry class efore

    deciding on &hat our ca/e &ould e in order to ha'e a larger picture on &hat exactly an

    entremet is and &hat &ere its necessary components* -fter the class &e sat do&n and

    decided on a theme for our entrement &hich is an Egyptian Entremet*

    The reason &e decided to go &ith an Egyptian theme is ecause of the old Egyptian

    &riting called hieroglyphics* These ancient letters usually dra&n as symols in old

    Egyptian ruins could e used as an interesting and eautiful pattern for our ca/e design*

    -nother reason for choosing these theme &as ecause it coincided &ith &hat &e thought

    our entremet should e* +e &anted to produce a classical and high class loo/ing

    entremet and the late Egyptian culture of pharaohs and pyramids &ere a perfect fit for our

    ideas* The pharaohs of old &ere considered gods and their eternal resting place the

    pyramids are held &ith high regards y people all o'er the &orld*

    -lso &e thought that y pic/ing an Egyptian theme &e &ould e gi'en a chance to

    experiment on the structure of our entremet* +e planned to incorporate different types oftexture that could clearly represent Egypt in our ca/e such as sand. roc/s. gold and


    Thus once our theme had een decided. &e &ent on to plan on our ca/e)s fla'our. the

    ingredients required as &ell as suitale decorations to go &ith our ca/e*

    Pharaoh P"ram!$



  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report



    !ur entremet &ill contain a total numer of 2 different elements in it** The first element is

    the genes read of our entremet &hich &e &ill sustitute &ith a coo/ie crust made of

    either !reo3s coo/ies* +e pic/ed these as our ase ecause it can pro'ide a more stale

    crust and the texture of the crumly coo/ie crust &ould represent the gra'el of the

    Egyptian terrain nicely*

    The second element in our entremet &ould e the nut 4oconde iscuit* This 4oconde

    iscuit &e decided to s&itch to preparing a genoise ca/e layer that contain nuts such as

    almonds that is nati'e to the Egypt region and it &ill help to pro'ide the ca/e a contrast in

    texture &ith the soft and smooth elements as &ell as gi'ing the ca/e and earthy fla'our

    due to its nutty nature*

    The third element in our entremet is the mousse &hich &e decided for it to e coffee

    mousse* Coffee &as chosen ecause it had some historic significance &ith the pharaohs

    of Egypt &ere explorers actually disco'ered some traces of coffee eans in their toms* It

    &as also chosen ecause of the harmony coffee has in fla'our terms &ith nuts and


    The final element in our entremet is the 4elly and &e choose to prepare a cherry 4elly for

    our entremet* Cherry &as chosen ecause the fruit represents &ealth ecause during

    those times only the really &ealthy could afford to uy cherries* 5esides that it also has

    relations &ith the Egyptians as cherries had een culti'ate there for a numer of centuries

    efore* 6ot only that &e also felt that cherry as a fruit &as most suitale to e paired &ith

    the other elements of our entremet*

    Gra&el San$ EarthenBr!c# 3

  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report



    The shape of our entremet &ill e round as it is the traditional shape of ca/es and as

    Egypt is a 'ery traditional ci'ili"ation &e felt that maintaining the round shape of the ca/e

    &as appropriate*

    +e also intend to add in a 'ariety of shapes to the ca/e 'ia the printed 4oconde iscuit at

    the side of the ca/e and through the decorations on top of the ca/e* #or the sides &e had

    planned to add in square loc/s &ith symols to represent ric/s and o'al lady fingers to

    represent pillars*

    !n top of our ca/e &e plan to add a pyramid shaped decoration to represent the ancient

    architecture of the Egyptians and a free flo&ing decoration as a representation of the 6ile

    ri'er &hich played a ig role in the formation of Egyptian culture*






  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report



    The 7 main colours for our entremet are ro&n. lue and gold* There are a numer of

    elements of our ca/e that contains different shades of ro&n to represent the earth and

    en'ironment of the Egyptian continent* +e use the ro&n colour to sho& the resources

    that &ere a'ailale to the Egyptians to uild their empire*

    The colour gold in our ca/e &as chosen to represent the &ealth that Egyptian rulers had*

    It is no surprise that ecause the pharaoh3s of old &ere considered to e gods. they

    managed to otain a considerale amount of &ealth* +e elie'ed that y including the

    colour gold into our ca/e it &ould help to ma/e our ca/e loo/ expensi'e and high class*

    #inally the colour lue is chosen as a contrast to the dar/ colours of ro&n and gold and

    gi'es our ca/e a fresh loo/* It is used to represent the 6ile ri'er in Egypt that &as used as

    transportation throughout the &hole /ingdom* It is also pic/ed to represent freedom in our

    ca/e ecause a ri'er flo&s &here'er it &ants to*


  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report



    #or the decorations of our ca/e &e planned to use a 'ariety of techniques to produce high

    quality decorations* The first decoration &e &ould li/e to add is a pulled sugar structure*

    The structure &ould e cur'y to represent the 6ile %i'er in our ca/e and it also pro'ides

    colour to our ca/e and a difference in shape* This decoration &ill e lue in colour and it

    &ill e placed on top of our ca/e*

    The second decoration &e decided upon is a spun sugar pyramid* Using a triangle

    shaped mould. &e &ill spun sugar on top of it to create a pyramid shaped decoration to

    e placed on top of our entremet* +e elie'e that the texture of the spun sugar &ill gi'e

    our entremet a classy feel compared to a solid pyramid decoration*

    The third decoration &e had planned &as to spray or paint cherries &ith an edile gold

    colour* +e &anted to ma/e the cherries gold in order to sho& &ealth in our ca/e and to

    ma/e the cherries more presentale instead of 4ust putting them on top as it is*

    !ur fourth decoration &ould e chocolate sha'ings that &ill e made y using tempered

    chocolate and it &ill e surround the outer top layer of our entremet* +e decided to use

    this decoration to gi'e our entremet a order so that the ca/e loo/s more presentale andthe order &ill amplify the other decorations placed on top of the ca/e*

    !ur fifth decoration for our entremet is to sprin/le the top &ith a mixture of edile gold

    glitter. cocoa po&der. and crushed digesti'e iscuits in order to create a sand li/e texture

    for our entremet* It &ill also help to ma/e our entremet more colourfull through the

    comination of the colours ro&n. gold and &hite*

    #or our final decoration &e plan to use chocolate. fondant and lady fingers to produce the

    outer ring of our entremet* +e &ill dra& and cut Egyptian symols out of the fondant and

    stic/ them to chocolate loc/s and arrange them et&een the lady fingers* Doing so &ill

    ma/e our Egyptian theme more clear and apparent*


  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Oreo Cookies All Year Unit reuire! UnitPrice"#$%


    5utter -ll 8ear 9:: g ;7*;:

  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Euipment an! Utensils

    ,ixing 5o&l

    +ire +his/

    +ooden Spoon



    Silicon Pad

    $itchen -id

    %ing ,ould

    Triangle ,ould


    Parchment Paper

    Plastic +rap


    Talespoon Teaspoon


    ,arle Taletop


    $nife Hieroglyphic ,ould

    Symol ,ould


  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    'o( Delegation

    Pastry Chef (Joshua Choo)

    %esponsile for finding recipe for entremet

    %esponsile for fla'our matching of layers %esponsile for coming up &ith a theme for entremet

    %esponsile for super'ision of production of entremet

    %esponsile for managing other memers of the team

    Supply $anager (Aiman Asyraf)

    %esponsile for ingredient requisition

    %esponsile for finding ingredients

    %esponsile for finding price and a'ailaility of ingredients

    %esponsile to ensure that amount of ingredients recei'ed is correct

    %esponsile for filling in fiche technique and requisition form ased on recipes gi'en

    Decoration Chef (Zaki Polit)

    %esponsile for finding recipe for decorations of entremet

    %esponsile for finding suitale decorations for entremet

    %esponsile for the production of decorations

    %esponsile for the experimenting of different decorations

    %esponsile for costing of ingredients required

    Promotion $anager (Kenny Ong)

    %esponsile for setting up promotion tale

    %esponsile for decoration of promotion tale

    %esponsile for coming up &ith a tale layout

    %esponsile for promotional pitch for entremet


  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report






    Coo!e Cr#t Co:eeMo##e

    Cherr" /ell"Almon$


    Side Gie&

    Coo!e Cr#t Pr!nte$S"m+ol#



  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Top Gie&

    Spn S'arP"ram!$

    Gol$ Pa!nte$Cherr"

    %ree %ormS'ar

    Cr#he$B!#c!t Gla;e

    Coo!e Cr#t



  • 7/26/2019 Entremet Report


    Pro!uct Presentation

    +e plan to decorate our tale using comination of light ro&n and gold cloth to gi'e an

    illusion of a dessert to the people 'ie&ing our tale* -fter that &e plan to ma/e our ca/e

    stand out of paper mache pyramids and paint them gold* +e &ill cut the top half of the

    pyramid and place our entremet on top of the pyramid* !ther decorations &ould include a

    pharaoh sarcophagus. camels and a chest containing treasures such as golets and

    4e&els* The sarcophagus &ill also e made out of paper mache .the camels &ould e

    figures or dolls and &e &ould ma/e the golets y spray painting them using the colour

    gold and &e plan to use coloured plastic 4e&els that can often e found sold at children

    toy stores* +e &ould also decorate the sides and ottom of our tale y pasting

    hieroglyphics symols cut out of cardoard and painted lac/*

    Using all of the mentioned decorations. &e are confident that &e are ale to exhiit to

    'ie&ers of our tale aout our theme &ithout causing any confusion *