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  1. 1. go. 1010Oct
  2. 2. JOINT VENTURELA CHINE QJU LJIC,ESPAGNE /CAPITAL } N NOuya Ceramics Co.Ltd est une joint-venture avec capitale espagnole et chinoise spcialise dans la fabrication des receveurs de douche de cramiques type re clay.
  3. 3. Avec une capacit de 300 000 units par an de production,Ouya est | 'usine la plus grande de la Chine et le seul fabricant au feuargile de grs,comme Ie traditionnellement fabriqus en Europe. INSTALLATIONS ET EQUIPEMENTS EN CHINEUNIQUEMENT POUR LA FABRICATION DES RECEVEURS DE DOUCHEl. A SEULE usms SPECIAUSEE EN LAPRODUCTION DE RECEVEURS DE DOUCI-IECAPACITE DE PRODUCTION: 300000Pl. A'lS/ AN
  5. 5. Ouya a touvert en 2008 ' I EXPORTATION AUX Z5 PAYS [ I A I : >V: LPJfII"ii 7T T V, STOCK PERMANENT20,000 mtres ca rrs
  6. 6. Ouya propose deux gammes de receveurs de douche,une hauteur de 90/110mm standard et une autre hauteur de prolbas (Slim) 60mm.
  7. 7. Ouya exports vers diffrents pays du monde comme | 'Espagne,|'| ta| ie,la France,|'| r|ande,le Chili,Emirats Arabes Unis,|'Arabie Saoudite,Ies pays du Maghreb,etc.compter avec des certicats ncessaires pour chaque rgion,y compris Ie certicat de la CE. hlortaatqa-: IEnrtylrion1uYos! t-usorvlcossrvnnnnntld harms Bbcli &I)('-uaIq()u9Sr>l? wu'oS(i~rnPnrt_f Scnncoc._l. FT'lIO (1 lntertek rmmul n-woazuTest Verification of ConformityOn the basis of tho rolornncad test rspors).tho samplels) or the below product has been found to comply with the relevant humanized standarcus) to tho dircctiveu) listed on this verification at the limo the tests were carried out. The manufacturer may indicate compliance to only the said directives by signing a Doc himsoll and may am:the CE marking to products identical to tho to-sled sarnplds) it the product complies with all CE marking directives that has the product in their scope.In addition.the manulacturor shall file and luap tho documentation according to the rules of the applicable directivels) and shall consider changes ol the standards as they may occur.Additional requorarnonts.additional directives and local laws may be applicable. Applicant Name 8 Address :YIDU OUYA CERAMICS COMPANY LIMITED RM 107. VICTORIA PLAZA.NO.23 HONGMEN ROAD.Jiuozuou.HUBEI.CHINA Product(a) Tasted :showar trays Ratings and principal 2 Made or non-iritroous china.without waste tting charactaristics Modems) :LSDOOXODO.LOODXIOO.uzooxaoo.Ls7sox15o, LSCOOXBDO.L720X720. L7$0X750. LOOOXEOO.L720X000. L1000X700. L1000X800. L1200X700Brand name :CNANGJIANO.BLUE DIAMONDRelevant standarcua) I :EN 1452I:200oA1: 2010 (5) Shower trays tor domestic Specication) I Dirocttveu) purposesBOMOGIEEC Construction Products DirectiveVerication Issuing Olfico Name I :Same as Legal EntityAddrvssVonflcationloport Nunlaos) :62081 10777-1R2M011 1: This vovlflcatlon is part at the NI tors!roportls) and should be road It conjunction with it.NOT!2: supsrsooo Vorlllcatlon Mo.0100110777-Ill dated on Doc 20. 2008.rn-svc-drumauvncznnn-nnamwnuuarvwauawixoaananauumloawvruvonwrminenauatsctal nnnnaia-omwcdy an-xAwarrvnuoIolub-nus-varwuahxniauaryeetrnnnmnasuannmtodvbtwntryrmcrlwilohot; -Nnarcudswowt-In av: -ewrIxawunxvnuo-nowoa-uwcxrascacanvlhuumhuwrnutaaiVwogvncaz-Isanutvvculopdwutoowlvwonaouximwu vcvvV