2014 delucchi brochure

2014 Delucchi Brochure
2014 Delucchi Brochure
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  • Who Are We?

    Multi-story Office Buildings

    Data Centers | Biotech Labs

    Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

    Hotels | Restaurants | Hospitals

    Historical Building Renovations

    Schools | Food Processing Facilities

    Types of Projects

    CA C10 License # 951752

    P: 650-364-3696

    F: 650-364-3698

    3585 Haven Avenue, Suite L

    Menlo Park, CA 94025



    Contact Us Delucchi Electric Inc. is the culmination of

    Bill Delucchis 20 years of experience as an

    Electrician and US Army Engineer Officer.

    His idea for an independent electrical

    prefabrication (prefab) shop began in 2005

    when Bill worked as a Foreman for a large

    electrical contractor in San Jose, CA.

    Since 2010, Delucchi Electric has

    completed projects for:

    Armor Electric | ASF Electric, Inc

    Atlas Pellizzari Electric Inc

    Howell Electric | McMillan Electric

    New Age Electric Inc | Radiant Electric Inc

    Smith & Sons Electrical Contractors

    TL Electric Inc | WB Electric

    Delucchi Electric is your



    Conveniently Packaged


    Project Specific Our Services Above Grid, Lighting & Power Rough-In

    In-Wall Power, Data, & Switching

    Racks and Supports

    Electrical Raceways

    Puzzle Conduit Bending & Threading

  • Intelligent project planning and

    prefabrication move

    repetitive tasks from the job site

    into a controlled environment.

    20%-35% of all new or remodeled commercial & industrial projects can

    be prefabricated with a reduction

    of on-site labor costs of up to


    Our Services Above Grid, Lighting & Power Rough-In

    Delucchi Electric offers overhead junction

    boxes for use with MC or conduit. Assemblies

    are project and task specific.

    In-Wall Power, Data &


    Delucchi Electrics in-wall

    power, data and switch

    assemblies are fully assembled

    and spliced. The quick

    installation enables the most

    junior of electricians to work as

    fast, if not faster, than the

    framers on site.

    Racks and Supports

    Delucchi Electric cuts

    custom racks and

    supports. Racks can

    be designed with

    engineered seismic

    bracing and are

    customized to mount

    to any type of

    structure: wood, steel,

    or concrete.

    Electrical Raceways

    Delucchi Electrics prefabricated electrical

    raceway comes pre-assembled and pre-

    wired in manageable pieces (10-15 feet).

    Each receptacle is labeled with panel

    designation and circuit numbers. Sections

    are ready for wall mounting or can be

    delivered on stanchions or server rack


    Puzzle Conduit Bending & Threading

    Delucchi Electric prefabricates EMT, PVC

    and Rigid conduit. All the pieces are pre-cut

    and bent for a complete conduit runs from

    panel to junction

    box or can.

    Additionally, rigid

    conduit is threaded

    per your project


    Quality Our prefabricated assemblies are:


    assembled in a controlled manufacturing environment

    consistent from room to room, job to job

    Our prefabricated assemblies:

    install quickly and easily

    allow junior labor to install with little to no supervision

    reduce jobsite congestion

    speed up the overall project

    Delucchi Electric:

    works closely with on-site supervision

    identifies and resolves discrepancies in the drawings

    coordinates product delivery

    facilitates easy installation by providing a detailed drawing showing where each product is installed