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Juin 2015 Vol 11 – N° 3 école Saint-Marc Tu trouveras une version numérique toute en couleurs du journal dans le site Internet de l'école : http://st-marc.csdm.ca/parents/marcoeur/ UNE VERSION TOUTE EN COULEURS, çA TE DIT ? LES RÊVES DE VACANCES DESSIN D'Eva Desjarlais GR 14

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école Saint-Marc
Tu trouveras une version numérique toute en couleurs du journal dans le site Internet de l'école : http://st-marc.csdm.ca/parents/marcoeur/
Une version ToUTe en coUleUrs, ça Te diT ?
JUIN 2015
nicolas Marcotte Xavier sauvé Jeanne vilandre Frenette
Mariève chartrand nicolas verreault Justine lacouture
laura nadeau laurie Murray siam chau raphaëlle castonguay
Je m’exprime
Je m’exprime
By laurélie shane
Spring is Blue like the infinite sky in the galaxy the fresh air that we breathe with our family and the birds when they fly over the sea
Spring is Yellow like the sun when it illuminates all the countries the flowers that smell like delicious candy and the yummy yellow ice called Mister Freeze
Spring is Pink like the wonderful sunrise that we see far away the beautiful sunset that we see after a long day and after we say : I love spring, I love today!
By Marie Mauberger Girard
Spring is yellow, Like the radiant sun in the sky, The vicious bees that sting, And the refreshing lemonade when it’s hot outside
Spring is green, Like the delicate buds in the beginning of spring, The long grass growing quickly And the beautiful leaves unfolding carefully.
Spring is blue Like the gigantic sky on top of the world, The fresh air that we breathe, And the delicious blue slush that we drink to feel refreshed.
By léa st-Martin
Spring is white, Like the soft clouds that float in the sky, The tasty ice-cream in my mouth, And the delicate daisy that grows with power.
Spring is yellow, Like the gold wheat that we grind in cheer, The shiny sun that warms up our heart, And the cute bees that sting my curiosity.
Spring is brown, Like the delicious Easter chocolate all around your mouth, The fresh and humid dirt that just appears in my backyard, And the crunchy bark on this majestic tree.
By nhu Y Ho
Spring is green, Like when you can relax in the shade at the foot of majestic trees And watch the leaves fall down, the flowers grow And the grass tickles us.
Spring is blue, Like when you can enjoy the fresh air, The wind caressing your skin And when you can enjoy the beautiful weather.
Spring is yellow, Like when the hot sun is high in the wide sky, The sunflowers shine with all their colours And the bees harvest and pollinate the flowers.
Pœtry CLASS 65
Joannie Fonseca gr 50
VOL 11 – Nº3
by Fatiha Bitout
I am Fatiha, Daughter of Narriman Who needs sun, summer, time Who loves basketball, family, friends Who sees love, friendship and nature Who hates spiders, snakes, betrayal Who fears death, disease, war Who dreams of going to California, surfing, music Who has found life Resident of Montréal Bitout.
By angélie Gagné
I am Angélie Daughter of Sonia Who needs friends, leadership, kindness Who loves her brother, her mother, her father Who sees sweetness, sharing, generosity Who hates lying, disloyalty, laziness Who fears aggressiveness, injury, disease Who dreams of my fans, unicorns, rainbows Who has found merriness Resident of Montreal Gagné
Je m’exprime
A Poem for Mother’s Day By Karen Posada cortes
Mom, I need to tell you something That for me you are everything All of the things than you do I will never forget I will never let you go And I know I will not regret I remember things that you did for me And all of them are as beautiful as you can see I admire all that you do I just adore having a mom like you You have a big heart of gold And don’t worry, it will never be old I’m so proud to be a part of it I will take care that it will be never hit I want to tell you “I love you” one more time And I will remind you of this anytime
Thank you for being my mom.
My Last Vacation By chakib rayasse groupe 65
My vacation last summer was really wonderful, because I had a good time with my family and my friends. At the beginning of my vacation, I was at home helping my mom with her tasks and after, I had a great time with my cousins playing with their Xbox One.
I also went out many times with my friend to dance and also to eat things like ice cream and pizza.
I went to the beach only once this year because I didn’t have time. Then two weeks after, I went to the city of Niagara
with most of my family and I was happy because we did fun activities. It is a clean and beautiful place. I had a good time there, I enjoyed the sun and I ate shrimps. We went to Marineland and I really enjoyed that day because the temperature was 47 degrees Celcius and I appreciated the dolphin show. We also went on a riverboat to see Niagara Falls. The moment I most appreciated on my ride was when the water splashed us – the pilot too!
This year was the first time that my parents didn’t tell me to study what I learned last year and I was very happy because it’s boring to always study when everyone is playing. After those outings, I stayed at home using my computer.
Finally I would say that my vacation was a lot of fun.
By stella dalbec-chabot The person I admire is Emmanuelle Renaud because she’s so pretty. She has brown hair, blue eyes and freckles on her face. Emma (her nickname) is a really good friend. She’s generous, talented, pretty, intelligent, funny, lovely, hard-working, careful, polite, and weird sometimes ;)… I can’t write all her qualities on one page. Anyway I love her and I admire her.
By Maeva Mendoza-rivet The person I really admire is my mother. She’s always on my side and she helps me with everything. I really love my mom. She’s the most important person in my life. My mom is really funny, generous, kind and sweet. She works really hard every day for the family and I’m really lucky to have her. She’s from Mexico. She really likes the summer and the beach. I cannot imagine my life without her! She’s the most incredible person I ever met and the most beautiful person I have ever seen. The activities that she likes the most are cooking and watching TV with me. I also admire her because she makes me laugh every day. I love you mom!
by Yanis larbi Marcus Mariota is a football player who progressed with the Ducks of Oregon. He is the best collegian football player but now he is playing for the NFL. On Thursday, May 29, it was the annual draft. The draft is a big selection of some the best collegian players. Mariota was picked by the Tennessee Titans. I hope that Mariota will be as good as when he was with the Ducks.
By Basile Grecki Hello my name is Basile and I admire Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He plays soccer. I love soccer! My first argument for which I admire him is because he is an excellent soccer player and I love this sport. My second argument is because he plays with my favorite soccer team. I already loved Paris Saint- Germain (PSG) before Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrived in the PSG team. He is a very good soccer player because at almost every game he scores one, two or three goals. It’s still a lot of goals in soccer. I also like him because almost all his goals are extraordinary for example: he does “the bicycle”, “the scissors”, “the pigeon wing soar” and ”the free kicks”.
Je m’exprime
VOL 11 – Nº3
Je m’exprime
By emmanuelle renaud My most embarrassing moment happened when I was about seven years old. I was on vacation in Mexico with my family. It was the first day and we just arrived from the airport. It was at 8 or 9 o’clock. We were going to eat at the pancake restaurant and the only idea in my head was to sleep! So I was eating very normally when I fell asleep in my plate! When I woke up I was in the arms of my stepfather and he was going with my family to the room! This is a moment I would rather forget!
By charlie de coninck Two years ago in France, my cousins had a turtle. One day my sister and I went to give tomatoes and lettuce to the turtle. We gave it the last tomato and it bit my fingers. I screamed, I cried. I would rather forget this moment.
By Mia le Bel A moment I would rather forget is last year. I was ten years old and I was in fifth grade. It happened in English class. My teacher asked me a question in front of everybody and I did not answer because I did not know the answer. After he screamed at me, “Next year you will not be able to do the English program.” I would rather forget this moment, it was humiliating.
By Mirka Gonzalez-Bélisle The day of the class photo, my very good friend pulled down my pants in the school yard. Another time, she pulled up my dress to see my panties. When I told a teacher, he didn’t react. My mother wrote a note in my agenda to explain the situation to the teacher. In the end, my friend said she was sorry.
My High School By Mathieu Guy-samson groupe 65
Today I want to talk about my high school. It is named Collège de Montréal. This high school is a private high school. For the next five years I chose to do sport/studies in tennis, my favorite sport. Sport/ studies is a special program that just some schools offer. You do sports from 2 o’clock until 5 o’clock. You could also choose a normal program, music/studies or arts/studies. My high school is very far from my house. I live on 2nd Avenue and my school is downtown. That is what I wanted to tell you!!!
Les deux cigognes Deux cigognes se cognent contre un arbre en marbre.
Elles vont voir le médecin Perlimpin le lapin.
Il leur bande la tête puis fait la fête.
elina villemin et Khadijah chenik groupe 42
The Purple Circle By Kym diégane n’diaye groupe 65
The purple circle is an activity that we do in teams of three or four students. There are several stations in each purple circle. Each purple circle has a theme like a holiday or an outing with the class. When we start one of the stations, we need to read the instructions and follow them, autonomously. The purple circle is an amusing activity and it teaches us a lot.
All about Sonia, our stagiaire By Éloi rocheleau Marenger groupe 65
Sonia likes hula hooping, ice cream with cookie dough, cooking, fantasy stories and the store, Simons. She wants to see Thailand. Her favorite student is one who is friendly, polite, funny, one who takes risks and who is respectful. She likes T.V. shows better than movies. She likes Lord of the Rings. Her favorite song is Help by the Beatles and her favorite month is July. She hates oysters.
Sonia’s birthday is on July 18, 1987. Her family name is Berthiaume. Her sister‘s name is Linda. Sonia speaks French with Michael, her boyfriend, but English with her family. She is friendly and honest.
When she was a child, Sonia wanted to be a race car driver before she thought about being a teacher. She was at school for seventeen years and she was born in Chambly.
LE GRAND MéNAGE DE LA COUR SAINT-MARC Le 22 avril dernier, les élèves du groupe 21 ont décidé de faire un lavage suprême de la cour d’école pour le jour de la terre. Pour cela, nous avions apporté sacs et gants pour ramasser les différents déchets… Malheureusement, seulement après 3 semaines, nous constatons que notre ménage est déjà chose du passé… Soyons responsable de notre environnement !
LA TROUPE BW Les BW sont une troupe de danse. Elles vont faire un spectacle de danse et de gymnastique à la fin de l’année. Les filles qui sont dans la troupe de danse sont: Marie-Mai Bousquet, Ève Brunet-Moïse, Maxime Dagenais, Margot Gagnon- Rochefort, Éléonore Martel, Samuel Breton et Mathilde Trussart. Elles ont travaillé fort pour pratiquer leur danse. Marie-Mai fait de la gymnastique depuis 3 ans, Mathilde fait de la gymnastique depuis 6 ans, Maxime fait de la danse depuis 7 ans, Éléonore fait de la danse depuis 7 ans, Margot fait de la gymnastique depuis 2 ans, Samuel fait de la danse depuis 7 ans. Encouragez-les !
lila aidékon-Barbeau groupe 43
MINECRAFT Bonjour, je voudrais vous parler des livres de Minecraft. Il y a plusieurs guides : Pour bien débuter, La Redstone, La construction et Le combat. Ceci va tout vous apprendre, à faire un piège à lave, un pont suspendu, utiliser des potions, savoir comment faire un portail du Nerter de l’Ender, savoir comment battre le Witter et l’Enderdragon, utiliser de la Redstone et plus. nathan Huot groupe 43
By Guillaume Gauthier-Benoit I’m fascinated by computers, electricity, video games and electrical systems. For computers, it’s neat because if you move the mouse, the little arrow on the computer moves too, at the same time. For electricity, it’s because I find it curious how we put electricity in a little battery, and after use the electricity. For the video games, it’s great because you can create your own story or advance in a game by doing different movements. Anything is possible! For the electrical systems, it’s interesting to see that you can turn on a light switch five meters from the light - you can turn on everything with a flick of a switch. These are the reasons why technology fascinates me.
By romane lefebvre The sand fox is a very cute animal. It lives in the desert. It is the smallest canid in the world. In French, the sand fox is called «fennec» or «renard des sables». It is an omnivore. Before it could be adopted, but now we can’t adopt the sand fox because it is a wild animal. It has long ears and that is why it is recognized as a veritable hunter. It has big round eyes and it has a long hairy tail. It’s my favorite animal because it is very cute.
By Florence Gagnon Sports fascinate me. I love all kinds of sports. Hockey, football and soccer are my favorite. I play soccer in a team. I like to watch hockey and football on T.V. but not soccer. My favorite soccer team is Barcelona. My favorite football team is The Patriots. My favorite hockey team is the Montreal Canadians. I play sports all the time. I like sports and that’s what fascinates me.
By antonin st-Pierre The fantastic world of Harry Potter fascinates me. The writing is so good, that it makes me believe magic is real. I am fascinated by how the writer can put the wizard world in harmony with the human world. The magic is described very well and it has no limits. The movie is close to the real story. I am fascinated by the madness of Harry Potter.
By Mathieu lépine I’m fascinated by video games. Video games are cool, interesting, fun and beautiful. I play with the X-box and Ipod tec. It’s very technological. My favorite game with the X-box is Destiny. The object of the game is to kill aliens. You can buy extensions for the game. You can play with your friends and against other players. It’s a good game. My favorite game on my Ipod is Clash of Clans. The object of the game is to build a village with towers, camps, canons and big houses. You build your army with barbarians, archers, giants, goblins, wall breakers, hot air balloons, wizards, healers, dragons and P.E.K.K.A. With your army you can destroy other villages and after you win trophies.
Poussez !
Enfin !
J'ai le sourire aux lèvres Et moi
le soleil au yeux
... et je me sèche
réponse : Danser (Dent-C)
POTATOES AND CHOCOLATE CAkE Here is my grandmother’s recipe: Ingredients: ½ cup of butter 1 ¾ cup of golden brown sugar 2 eggs Beat the three ingredients well.
Add: 2/3 cup of mashed potatoes 1 1/3 cup of flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of soda powder A pinch of salt 1/3 cup of milk ½ cup of cocoa powder dissolved in ½ cup of cold water
Mix the ingredients in order. Bake in the oven for 1 hour in a tube pan at 325°F.
Jules regimbald groupe 65
PourquoI les vAches ne PArlent PAs ? Réponse : Car elles sont à la ferme.
un gArçon vA à lA crèmerIe et Il demAnde : – Avez-vous de la crème glacée au concombre ? – Non, répond le vendeur.
Le lendemain : – Avez-vous de la crème glacée au concombre ? – Non. Pendant la nuit, le marchand fait de la crème glacée au concombre.
Le lendemain : – Avez-vous de la crème glacée au concombre ? – Oui ! – Ce n’est pas bon n’est-ce pas ?
Jade Parent-lafrenière groupe 32
réponse : tourner (tour-nez)
h a w a i l j e d n i a
e c a n a d a m c r u
o r n d m e h a s
e g n h a i t i n t
b r e s i l i m l r
o n t s q c j i f a
a t c c u b a h r l
c h i n e e e p m a i
n g r e c e o a n e
s m e x i q u e n l c
l i b a n r u s s i e
p o r t o r i c o g o t
Argentine Australie Brésil Canada Chili Chine
Cuba France Grèce Haïti Hawaï Inde
Iran Jamaïque Japon Liban Mali Mexique
Porto Rico Russie Togo
nathan Huot groupe 43
La Récré
JUIN 2015
Ashley Diterville gr 22
Emy Chauvrette gr 32
Nhu Yho gr 65
Aurélie Laliberté gr 32
Charles Roy gr 22
Zoé Krisko gr 64
Nathan Huot gr 43
Jérémy Boulais-Lavoie gr 32
Maélie André gr 22
Maxime Rose de Champalin gr 32 Nicolas Oliveri gr 32 Chiêm-Binh Vân gr 32
Chiêm-Binh Vân gr 32
Chiêm-Binh Vân gr 32
Nassim-Olivier Gagnon gr 61
Ophélie Caputo gr 42
Maélie André gr 22
Chloé Deslandes gr 23
Noé Guglielminetti gr 42
Nathan Rancourt gr 32
Maélie André gr 22
Eva Augustin gr 22
Quentin Aliovat-Lamarre gr 04
Mathilde Trussart gr 43
Hugo Grenon gr 04 Jackie Laverdière et Mathias Beauseigle gr 23
Sarra Chenik gr 24
Jennifer Liu gr 32
Victoria Carrillo gr 51-61
Lila Aïdékon-Barbeau gr 43
Lucas Boisjoli-Wale gr 32
Nathan Huot gr 43
Lila Aïdékon-Barbeau gr 43
Éléonore Huot gr 22
Marilou Pelletier-Chalal gr 65
Jeanne Valliquette gr 23
Arianne Tremblay gr 23
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Mis sur pied spécialement pour les parents, le service est en fonction du lundi au jeudi, entre 11 h et 15 h. Une personne attentive répond directement aux appels. Notez que la ligne est munie d’une boîte vocale en dehors des heures d’ouverture.
Pour joindre le conseil d'établissement (cÉ) [email protected]
trotte, trottons, trottez à st-mArc… Avec le trottIbus, l’Autobus quI mArche ! entre les 25 mai et 23 juin prochains, surveillez les trottibus en direction de l’école dans les rues du quartier.
Comme communiqué au courant des dernières semaines, le Trottibus est un autobus pédestre, gratuit, sécuritaire, qui sera encadré par des adultes bénévoles accompagnateurs formés, et qui permettra aux élèves de se rendre de la maison à l’école à pied.
Une initiative de la Société canadienne du cancer, soutenu financièrement par Québec en Forme, ce projet vise à augmenter le niveau d’activité physique des jeunes et les encourager à intégrer la marche dans leur mode de vie.
À l’occasion de ce projet-pilote, deux trajets seront lancés, avec objectif de renouveler l’expérience en septembre prochain et d’offrir un plus grand nombre d’itinéraires.
Vous aimeriez vous inscrire comme bénévole-marcheur, pour la période pilote ou pour la prochaine rentrée scolaire ? Rendez-vous sur www.trottibus.ca pour en savoir davantage.
vous AImerIez vous ImPlIquer dAns le comIté orgAnIsAteur du trottIbus de lA rentrée ? Peu importe le temps que vous pourriez y accorder, vous serez les bienvenus ! Écrivez-nous à [email protected].
L’Organisme de participation des parents (OPP) de l’école St-Marc démarre un projet de Livre de recettes qui regroupera les plats favoris des élèves de l’école St-Marc. Nous t’invitons à nous envoyer la recette de ton plat préféré, ou encore une recette que tu aimes et que tu souhaites faire connaître.
Encore mieux : accompagne ta recette d’un dessin ! Tu peux aussi présenter ta recette, en écrivant par exemple : d’où vient-elle ? Qui la prépare ? Participes-tu à la préparation ? À quelle occasion ce plat est-il servi ? Tu peux aussi décrire le plat, son goût, sa texture, comment est-il présenté, etc.
Nous allons vendre ce livre et les profits serviront aux activités pour les élèves de l’école.
Envoie ta recette à l’adresse suivante : oppst-m[email protected]. Pense à indiquer ton nom complet et ton groupe.
SPECTACLE BéNéFICE du JeudI 28 mAI 2015 à la tohu Les enfants et la communauté de l’école St-Marc remercient leurs commanditaires.
Écol S-Mar