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Voici la Vigie Piranha, Volume 3.


  • 1. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 1 - Vigie Hebdomadaire -

2. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 2 M voICILESCHOSESQUINOUSONt FAITDIREWOWCETTESEMAINE. 3. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 3 objetsconnects 4. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 4 Le projet Ara sera disponible en beta en janvier 2015 partir de 50$ - Hier se tenait la premire confrence autour du projet Ara de Google, le fameux smartphone modulaire dvelopp au sein du Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) qui appartenait Motorola Mobility. Le Journal du Geek Pour linstant aucun modle fonctionnel na t montr, mais cela devrait tre le cas au cours des deux prochaines confrences programmes en juillet et septembre. Cependant Google a lch des infos sur ce projet Ara, qui sera finalement disponible en janvier 2015 dans une version beta. LendoSquelette (trois tailles diffrentes entre 3 et 6 pouces seront disponibles), pice centrale du projet, devrait tre commercialise partir de 50$ (cela comprend lcran), le reste des pices sera en vente dans uneboutiquetypePlayStoreetlespersonnalisationsseront trs nombreuses aussi bien au niveau des composants (APN, batterie, mmoire, processeur, capteurs) que de leur design (couleurs, matire) ! Pour un smartphone haut de gamme entirement personnalis, il faudra donc compter environ 500$. 5. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 5 Will Wearable Technology Be The Next Office Tool? -Forbes Tech There was little argument among the experts in Las Vegas this past January about who or rather what was the scene- stealer at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It was all about the wearables. This years CES conference was the real inflection point for wearable devices, John Curran, a communications and tech consultant, told the Financial Times. Its about these devices moving from niche applications and early adopters into much more mainstream products. Wearable computers include a variety of devices, from eyewear such as Google Glass to smartwatches such as the Samsung Gear. In general, though, wearables are defined as miniature electronic devices that are worn somewhere on a users body and enable users to more tightly integrate computing experiences into everyday life. That makes sense when you think about a runner being able to look down at her smartwatch to find a new route or check her pulse, but what does this look like in a business? Companiesand IT depart- mentsare just starting to figure that out. The promise of these devices will start to be seen in businesses in 2014, said JP Gownder, a Forrester Research analyst who follows wearable computers. Enterprises need to start putting together a road map for thinking about how wearables can improve their busi- nesses. 6. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 6 CarPlay sintgre chez Alpine et Pioneer -Journal du Geek CarPlay, le systme daffichage et doptimisation dapplications iOS dApple dans les crans des tableaux de bord, ne va pas se limiter une poigne de vhicules neufs et hors de prix, les premires voitures quips CarPlay cette anne devant sortir des lignes de production de Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz ou Volvo. Une fois liPhone connect au systme de divertissement dun vhicule compatible, CarPlay affiche sur lcran du tableau de bord une srie dapplications mobiles optimises Les possesseurs de vhicules plus anciens ne seront pas laisss sur le bord de la route. Deux constructeurs de consoles de voitures ont annonc le support de CarPlay dans certaines gammes de leurs produits. Chez Alpine, on annonce officiellement lintgration de CarPlay dans plusieurs units du catalogue, avant la fin de lanne. Le fabricant nannonce aucun tarif, et nindique pas non plus si certains systmes dj sortis pourront bnficier du support de la plateforme intgre dApple. On se fait plus prcis du ct de Pioneer, en annonant une mise jour du firm- ware pour les consoles AVIC-F60DAB, AVIC-F960DAB, AVIC-F960BT, AVIC- F860BT et AVH-X8600BT. Dj disponibles dans le commerce, ces stations multimdia sont quipes dun cran LCD tactile. Leurs prix varient de 679 1.190 euros; la mise jour sera disponible cet t. 7. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 7 DARPA is turning drones into wireless hotspots -The Verge Google and Facebook arent the only ones trying to beam down connectivity from the sky: DARPA, the US Defense Departments advanced research agency, is trying to turn drones into hotspots for high-speed wireless networks, and it recently completed an initial testing and development phase on the program working toward that goal. The major developments were in the creation of steerable antennas and efficient radio amplifiers for the hotspots. DARPA also created a housing for the hotspots, which will eventually be mounted on drones that have traditionally been used for surveillance. DARPAs hope is to have the hotspots communication speeds rival those of a 4G cell network, eventually allowing the drones to easily extend connectivity into remote locations where the military may be otherwise unable to access intel- ligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data. The hotspot program began back in 2012, and it just started its second phase last month, in which it will begin to integrate the wireless radios onto ground vehicles. The hotspots will eventually be tested on a network of multiple drones in the third and final phase. Though its not stated how the hotspots are currently communicating, DARPA stated back in 2012 that it expects to take advantage of commercial technologies, such as Wi-Fi, WiMax, or LTE. The hotspots will be compatible with military pro- tocols too, however. Were pleased with the technical achievements weve seen so far, DARPA program manager Dick Ridgway says in a statement, referring to the programs work on antennas and amplifiers. Though DARPA clearly has a far different goal than Google and Facebook, their similar ideas suggest that this type of project could become an increasingly easy one to get off the ground. 8. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 8 Athos Base Series : les vtements connects de fitness - AthosBaseSeriesestunelignedevtementsconnectspourlefitnessquimesurelactivitde16groupesmusculaires distincts et de prodiguer des conseils en temps rel. Les textiles connects suscitent un doux rve parmi les passionns dobjets connects : celui de pouvoir porter des vtements anodins qui mesureraient notre tat de sant, et nous renseigneraient sur notre activit physique. Les vtements connects sont vritablement la croise du quantified self et de lingnierie textile. Et les concepts de t-shirts connects ne manquent pas : nous vous avons dj parl du t-shirt Hexoskin, du D-shirt mais aussi des vtements OMSignal. Le nouveau concept qui nous intresse ici est loeuvre dtudiants brillants de luniversit de Waterloo au Canada qui ont mis au point Athos Base Series, une ligne de vtements connects ddis la pratique du fitness. Lire le reste de larticle 9. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 9 aPPLICATIONS 10. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 10 Cups App : For $45 Per Month, All the Coffee You Can Drink - New York caffeine junkies, look alive: A new app called CUPS allows subscribers to pay $45 per month for unlimited coffee from almost 40 independent coffee shops around the city. Bloomberg Businessweek Designed by a small team from Israel, the app is intended as an alternative to the smartphone loyalty cards offered by the likes of Starbucks (SBUX). Its a similar service, says Gilad Rotem, a co-founder of the startup, which is also called CUPS. Were offering a mobile app, prepaid plan, but its for independent, higher-quality coffee. New Yorkers will pay $45 a month for brewed, drip, pour- over, or filtered coffee (or tea). Latte drinkers will pay more: The unlimited espresso subscription costs $85 a month. Rotem says the prices are equivalent to about 22 cups, or roughly one java beverage per workday per month. On average, Americans consume 1.7 cups of coffee a day, according to Studylogic, which means a CUPS subscription may not be a bad deal. 11. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 11 Scanbot Scans and Uploads Multipage PDFs Directly to the Cloud - Lifehacker Android: In the future, paper (much like running) will only exist for recreation, for fun. In the meantime, we still have to deal with annoying contracts, memos, and receipts. All of which can be scanned instantly and uploaded directly to Dropbox, Evernote, and more with Scanbot. This app isnt the first of its kind, but its one of the simplest. Simply point your camera at a document and it will scan it, and do some automatic perspective correction. From there you can upload it to a number of cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive. 12. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 12 This Google App Lets You Control Your Computer From Your Phone - Remote desktops are nothing new, but Google has now released a slick app that makes the process a pleasure rather than wildly frustrating. The new software will let you control your Mac or PC from any Android device. Gizmodo Chrome Remote Desktop app for Androidsnappy!is an extension of existing Google software that allows to control your desktop remotely from within Chrome. But this is way more useful for those on the go. Getting it working is simple enough: download the helper app for your computer from the Chrome Web Store (XP and up, OS X 10.6 and above, and Linux, too) and install the remote desktop app on your Android from Google Play. Then, you should be able to open the app and connect to any of your computers and do, well, whatever you need to do. 13. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 13 dESIGN 14. 18 AVRIL 2014 - Vigie Piranha 14 What is User Experience? (UX) - Now its time to dive deep into the second ocean, User Experience or UX. Basically, the term user experience is usually tagged with the word design which makes it user experience design. So, you get itthis is the reason why many of us gets confused between UI and UX design. Lire le reste d