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TV Programmes and FilmsMore 2 Unit 2

TV = TelevisionCable TVProgramme (UK) = program (US)Film= movieVTV, HTV7, HBO: Channels

Remote Control

Sports Show

Live /laiv/ footbal match: trc tipBroadcast: pht sng

Score: t sWin: 3-1Lose: 1 - 3Draw: 3 - 3

Nature Programme


Advertisement: /d'v3:tismnt /(UK), /,dv'taizmnt/ (US)

Advertisement = Ad = Advert

The News

News = North, East, West, South (four directions)

Weather Forecast

Temperature: nhit C : Celsius / Centigrade

Game Show

Quiz Show

Game show: people play games.

Quiz show: people answer quizes/ questions.

Horror Film

a dead body that has been preserved from decay, esp. by being treated with special substances before being wrapped in cloth15


A western television show is a television series which takes place in the Old West and involves cowboys, cattle ranchers, miners, farmers, Native Americans, Spaniards, swords, guns and horses. It was the most popular genre of TV show in the 1950s and 1960s, when several hundred were aired.16

A western television show is a television series which takes place in the Old West and involves cowboys, farmers, swords, guns and horses.

Cartoon/ animated film

Science Fiction Film(Sci-fi)Video Here

Science Fiction Film: The type of films that is about imaginary science, unreal people and things.

Detective Film

Detective films: films about someone whose job is to discover information about crimes and find out who is responsible for them.

Romantic FilmHe falls in love with her. Video Here


VocabularyRomantic filmGame showHorror filmMusic showDetective filmThe newsQuiz showWesternSports showScience fiction filmCartoon


A gameTwo students from the same team face each other, A faces class, B faces the screen.B chooses one number, watches the clip, then makes guestures for his partner to guess the TV programs or films.






Structures for Speaking 1John: Whats on VTV channel tonight (1)?Mary: Theres a game show (2) at 8 oclock (3).

123This afernoonA football match5 oclockTomorrowDetective film9 p.m.This weekendMusic show8 p.m. on SundayTonightWeather forcast6 oclockThis noon The news12 a.mYour ideaYour ideaYour idea

John: What was the game show (a) like?Mary: It was great (b). I liked it a lot (c).

Structures for Speaking 2abcFootball matchSupperI shouted a lot.Detective filmRubbishI hated it.Music showWasnt very exciting.I turned it off.Game showOk My parents watched it too.The cartoonQuite funnyI laughed a lot.Your ideaYour ideaYour ideaYour ideaYour ideaYour idea

More !Whats your favourite TV program? My favourite TV program is the news.

What kind of films do you like?I like horror films.

How much TV do you watch? I watch TV for about one hour/ two hours a day.

When do you watch TV? I usually watch TV at the weekend.

ConsolidationToday you have learned:TV programs and films,Practice giving ideas and comments on TV programs and films.

Thank you for your effort!