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The “Fonte da Moura - Metalworking” manufactures welded metal constructions and structures in areas such as industry, energy, oil, gas among others. The intention is to manufacture in Portugal and supply metallic components for any part of Europe as needed, like we already do with other clients. Founded in 1979, located in Maia, Portugal, "Fonte da Moura" is constituted by a dynamic and highly qualified team, having as its objective the fabrication and erection of steel structures. Portugal Ph: 00351 229 820 233


  • Fabrico de componentes metlicos para

    Industria das Energias, Cimenteiras, Gs,

    Petrolfera, entre outras.

    Manufacturing metal components for high

    power transformers, wind energy and oil-

    producing industries, cement and gas

    Chaudronnerie et Charpente Mtallique

    pour des domaines tels que l'industrie, de

    l'nergie, du ciment, du gaz, du ptrole,

    entre autres.

    Soldadores Certificados certified welders Soudeurs Certifis

  • Pontes rolantes com capacidade de elevao de 50 toneladas. High Power of Elevation (50 Tons). Grande capacit de levage (50 Tonnes)