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Keynote presentation by François Rastier at PhiloWeb 2012 (WWW2012).


  • 1. Ontologies : De la smantique lthique Franois Rastier Directeur de recherche frastier@gmail.com www.revue-texto.net
  • 2. Catgories ontologiques ltre le faire la substance les accidents lunicit la multiplicit lintemporalit la temporalit linvariance la variation
  • 3. Un rseau smantique ANIMAL is-a is-a is-a PERSON DOG COW eatsis-a is-a gives owns MEAT KAZUO FIDO
  • 4. Des synonymes lhypronyme Hyperonyme Hypo 1 Hypo 2Syn 1 Syn 2 Syn 3 Syn 4
  • 5. Cerises lalcool, Griottes au kirsch,Pruneaux au cognac, Fruits lalcool
  • 6. Relations smantiques en corpusrelations/corpus c ologie ec onomie reglementation techniquehyperonymie 759 57 111 2141mmronymie 43 -- -- 211synonymie 494 389 35 255antonymie 21 5 -- 4
  • 7. EuroWordNet Top Ontology (excerpts) First order entities Substance : all stuff without boundary or fixed shape, consideredfrom a conceptual point of view not from a linguistic point of view; e.g. mass, material, water, sand, air. Opposed to Object. Part : Any concrete entity which is contained in an object, substance or a group; head, juice, nose, limb, blood, finger, wheel, brick, door. Second order entities Any Static Situation (property, relation) or Dynamic Situation, which cannot be grasped, heart, seen, felt as an independent physical thing. They can be located in time and occur or take place rather than exist; e.g. continue, occur, apply.