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Forêts, Arbres et Agroforesterie CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry

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  • 1. Forts, Arbreset AgroforesterieCGIAR Research Program onForests, Trees andAgroforestry

2. Cadre conceptuel global: Itinrairesde dveloppement respectueux delintgrit environnementale 3. Cadre conceptuel fort: La transitionforestire et les 5 composantes du CRP6+ cross-cutting themes of gender, communications, Sentinel Landscapes 4. 1.Smallholder production systems andmarkets2.Management and conservation of forestand tree resources3.Environmental services and landscapemanagement4.Climate change adaptation and mitigation5.Impacts of trade and investment onforests and people5 Composantes1. Gender2. Sentinel Landscapes3. Communication3 Thmes transversaux 5. StructureManagement Support UnitSteering Committee : Cifor, Icraf,Biodiversity, Ciat, CiradICRAFFergusSinclairBioversityLaura SnookICRAFMeine vanNoordwijkCIFORLou VerchotCIFORPabloPachecoComponent 1 Component 2 Component 3 Component 4 Component 5Cross-cutting themes:Gender: Esther Mwangi (CIFOR),Communications: John Colmey (CIFOR)Sentinel Landscapes: Anja Gassner (ICRAF)Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment: Frank Place (ICRAF)Lead Center: CIFOR 6. Le concept du Plan dopration 3-year rolling action plan 2013 to 2015 Clearly detailing pathwayto impactCGIAR Strategyand ResultsFrameworkCRP6 ImpactsComponent-level Themesand OutcomesTheme-levelOutputsOutput-levelOutput targets Near-term achievementsMid-term achievementsLong-term achievements 7. C120%C223%C321%C428%C58%CIFORICRAFBioversityCIATCIFORICRAFBioversityCIFORICRAFCIFORICRAFBioversityCIATCIFORICRAFCIATRpartition duBudget 2012 8. Contributions franaises au CRP62010 GCARD Montpellier - > Foresterie > MP6 Draft : MP6, CRP6 Contribution des agents Cirad et Ird au sein des centres :Cirad, Icraf, Biodiversity2011 Organisation /structure logique des composantes (dlivrables -> ->impacts)2012 Participations la programmation des composantes + nouveaux projets(environ 15 agents sur les 5 composantes). Contributions aux Sentinel Landscapes Ateliers prparatoires Dfinition des SL mondiaux, sur des terrains partags Pilotage de deux Sentinel LandscapesMosaques des Western Ghats, Inde Dynamique des forts naturelles exploites Rseau Pan-Tropical Entre du Cirad dans le Steering Committee du CRP62013Environ 50 ETP mobiliss-> Intgrer le Plan Oprationnel 2013-2015 : rsultats, produits, impacts,budgets 9. Exemple / Sentinel LandscapesDispositif mondial de sites exprimentaux/cologieSites Afrique centralePilotage Cirad/Ur B&SEF 10. CGIAR Research Programme on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry credits: Jules Colomer Anja Gassner Alain Billand