expérience esthétique et le design / aesthetic experience and design - flupa metz 2012

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Expérience esthétique et le design Ioana Ocnarescu I PhD Candidate LCPI Arts et Métiers ParisTech Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France

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Qu-est ce qu'une expérience esthétique et comment évolue-t-elle dans le temps? En étudiant différents modèles, cette présentation propose une approche descriptive pour comprendre les expériences esthétiques dans le temps et l'impact de cette approche sur l'UX des produits et services. What is an aesthetic experience and how does it evolve over time? Going from experiences related to an art piece to subjective experiences that some of today's products bring into our lives, this presentation describes a temporal framework of aesthetic experiences.


  • 1. Exprience esthtique et le designIoana Ocnarescu I PhD CandidateLCPI Arts et Mtiers ParisTechAlcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France
  • 2. WHAT ISan aestheticexperience?a
  • 3. HOW ITevolves overtime?b
  • 4. WHAT ISan aestheticexperience?a
  • 5. Tree-trunk Bench by Jurgen BEY
  • 6. 11000
  • 7. droog
  • 8. I droog !
  • 9. What about thisBENCH?
  • 10. yes, but why? yes, its a nice object,original ...yes, it is an interesting object,with tension - metal with wood inyour living room ...
  • 11. so, what Ive understood?that this experience is a construction and it evolves over time.that I needed a description / contextualisation in order to understandthis objectthat I created a personal story that makes me attached to this objectand that when I sit on a tree truck, I think about Droog and relive themoment when I created the story or I continue it.
  • 12. What is an aesthetic experience?aAEiii. concept of aesthetics in HCI researchfield: the cultural approach, the functionalapproach, the experience-based approachand techno-futurist approach(Udsen & Jrgensen, 2005).iv. bodily sensation and anintellectual challenge ... connectedto context, use and instrumentality ...prolonged beyond the immediateexperience(Shusterman, 2000).i. complex process that takes timeand preparation and what gives valueto an art-work are the art-historicalcontext and the category in which theobject is classified before judgment.(Shelley, 2009)ii. construction of relationsbetween artifact and viewer, subjectand object, user and tool(Wright & Mccarthy, 2008),
  • 13. What is an aesthetic experience?aAEAn embodied experience that was liveddue to the qualities of the experiencedobject and the persons capacity to betransported beyond them.
  • 14. HOW ITevolves overtime?b
  • 15. How the AE evolves over time?bexperience experience as storyan experienceCOGNITIVE NARRATIVESUB-CONSCIOUSNESS STORYTELLINGmeaningAn initial framework of experience, from Forlizzi & Ford, 2000 Temporality of experience, from Karapanos et al, 2009
  • 16. How the AE evolves over time?bI see it in a store.I see an advertising. I see an advertising. I got robbed.I try it at a party. I buy it, I have it.An initial framework of Aesthetic Experience over Time,I. Ocnarescu, J.-B. Labrune, C. Bouchard, F.Pain, D. Sciamma, A. AoussatDesign and Emotion Conference 2012
  • 17. How the AE evolves over time?bWhat elements are mixed to create anaesthetic experience?
  • 18. How the AE evolves over time?b3.body&sensesinteraction2.narrativedimension1.discourseelements
  • 19. How the AE evolves over time?b1. discourse elementsThe discourse elements are the objective facts andproperties of the experience within an object, a service ora socio-material situation.contextualizationdescriptionorganizationintegration* * * * *
  • 20. How the AE evolves over time?b2. narrative dimensionThe narrative quality transports the user towards a spacethat elicit the imagination and that is connected to the usersimaginary. It is within this intersection between users imaginationand imaginary where meaning and stories are born and wheresubjectivity and appropriation have a potential to be developed.transportationstimulate imaginationconnection to imaginarystory creationintegration* * * * *
  • 21. How the AE evolves over time?b* * * * *3. body & senses interactionThe capacity of human beings to interact and createknowledge with the world through their bodies andsenses.interactionrepresentationstaticaffordancesdynamicaffordancesinteractionembodiment
  • 22. How the AE evolves over time?bJurgen Bey for Droog Design: Tree-trunk bench and anotherpublic tree-trunk bench.a. A digital representation of the product (Sourcing : http://www.droog.com/store/furniture/tree-trunk-bench/ );b. First Experience and interaction with the design object;c. Public tree-trunk bench Unesco Paris1. discourse elements2. narrative dimension3. body&senses interaction* **An initial framework of Aesthetic Experience over Time,I. Ocnarescu, F. Rodio, A. Eve, J.-B. Labrune, C. Bouchard, A. Aoussat // D&E2012
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