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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    ESPEnglish for Speci c



  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    I. Development

    The Story of the City of ELT The city was surrounded y the high

    mountains which were inha ited yilliterate and savage tri es calledScientists! "usinessmen and Engineers.People in the City of ELT ecame restlessand egan to venture into the landeyond mountains. # ESP ! $utchinsonand %aters&


  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    World War II immigrants, refugees andforeign

    Knowledge ExplosionWorld Economy , oil rich countries, developedcountries

    Lingua Franca

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    Development #continued& ' revolution in linguistics and Learning

    Psychology (rom semantics to pragmatics

    Learning #Psychology& (ocus on the learner ESP)s history

    The concept of special language* register analysis Target situation analysis S+ills and strategies ' learning,centered approach


  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    The Meaning of the Word'Special' in ESP

    special languageor

    speciali-ed aim

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    ESP as an 'pproach ESP is not a matter of teaching

    speciali-ed varieties/ of English. ESP is not di0erent in +ind from any

    other form of language teaching. ESP is not 1ust a matter of Science wordsand grammar for Scientists! $otel wordsand grammar for $otel sta0 and so on.

    ESP is an approach to language learning!which is ased on learner need. %hy does this learner need to learn a

    foreign language2


  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    ' solute and 3aria leCharacteristics of ESPDudley,Evans and St. 4ohn #5667& StrevensAbsolute characteristics: designed to meet speci ed needs of the learner8

    related in content #i.e. in its themes and topics& toparticular disciplines! occupations and activities8

    centered on the language appropriate to thoseactivities in synta9! le9is! discourse!semantics!

    etc.! and analysis of this discourse8 in contrast with :eneral English..

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    Dudley,Evans) Concepts

    ESP is de ned to meet speci c needsof the learner8

    ESP ma+es use of the underlyingmethodology and activities of thediscipline it serves8

    ESP is centred on the language#grammar! le9is! register&! s+ills!discourse and genres appropriate tothese activities.

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    (#udl$, 1 ! & ESP may use! in speci c teaching situations! a

    di0erent methodology from that of generalEnglish8

    ESP is li+ely to e designed for adult learners!either at a tertiary level institution or in aprofessional wor+ situation. It could! however! efor learners at secondary school level8

    ;ost ESP courses assume some asic +nowledgeof the language system! ut it can e used witheginners.

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    T$pes of ESP

    David Carter #567

  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    aracter st cs o%ourses

    Carter #567

  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    ?eeds 'nalysis Target situation analysis framewor+

    %hy is the language needed2 #for study! forwor+2&

    $ow will the language e used2 #spea+ing2 (ace to

    face2 lectures2& %hat will e the content areas e2 #medicine!iology! commerce2&

    %ho will the learner use the language with2#native spea+ers or non,native! e9pert orstudent2&

    %here will the language e used2 #hotel! o@ce!li rary! meetings or a road2&

    %hen will the language e used2 #freAuently!seldom! often2&

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    Learning needs* ' framewor+ foranalysing learning needs %hy are the learners ta+ing the course2 $ow do the learners learn2 #their learning

    ac+ground! what methodology2& %hat resources are availa le2 #teachers)

    +nowledge! materials! aids! etc& %ho are the learners2 #age! su 1ect+nowledge! interest2&

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    English for Specific Purpose

    !o ma(e the courses relevant to learners0 needs !he Language for Specific urpose 1ovement!he ES approach concerns

    a$ the need for Non2English +ac(ground students +$ the need for employment c$ the need for +usiness purpose

    d$ the need for migrants

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    'pproaches to CourseDesign

    Language,centered course design Select theoretical views of language

    S+ills,centered course design Target situation! s+ills to cope in target

    situation Learning,centered design

    Identify target situation! analy-elearning situation

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    Course Design Some Auestions*

    %hy does the student need to learn2 %ho is going to e involved in the process2 #students!

    teachers! sponsors! etc.& %here is the learning to ta+e place2

    %hen is the learning to ta+e place2 %hat does the student need to learn2 To identify the di0erence etween language description and

    learning theory Language description* classical grammar! structural

    linguistics! transformational generative grammar! functional

    grammar! language variation and register analysis! discourseanalysis Learning theories* Learning as ha it formation! thin+ing as

    rule,governed activity! cognitive code #learners as thin+ingeings&! a0ective factor #learners as emotional eings!incentives and motivations&

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    Needs analysis in ES

    1un+y0s Systematic 3pproach"

    Needs 3nalysis in ES /ourse .esign and

    !wo .imensions of Needs 3nalysis"#a$ Specification for the !arget2Level

    #+$ !urning the Information into an ES Sylla+us

    Be careful about di erence between &eeds Wants

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  • 8/11/2019 ESP Lec 01 & 02


    Evaluation Learner assessment

    Placement tests 'chievement tests #s+ill test or +nowledge

    test& Pro ciency tests #to use the language in real,

    life situation& Course evaluation

    ;aterials Teaching and learning techniAues 'dministrative arrangement Testing

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