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The Parish Magazine Edvin Loach • Tedstone Delamere • Tedstone Wafre Upper Sapey • Whitbourne • Wolferlow of Greater Whitbourne 50p February 2009

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    of Greater Whitbourne 50p

    February 2009

  • The Parish MagazinePage 2

    The Rector

    Assistant Priest

    Churchwardens:Edvin Loach

    Churchwardens: Tedstone Delamere

    Churchwardens: Upper Sapey

    Churchwardens: Whitbourne




    Electoral RollOfficer


    Deanery SynodRepresentatives

    Revd. David HowellThe Rectory, WhitbourneWR6 5RP 01886 821285

    Revd. Doiran WilliamsHowberry, WhitbourneWR6 5RZ 01886 821189

    Mrs Sheila Gibbs01885 483491

    Mr Robert Darby 01885 482284

    Mrs Kathleen Harris01885 483681

    Mr Albert Jones01886 853564

    Mr I Evans-FisherMrs C Evans-Fisher01886 853441

    Mr Richard Freeman01886 832039

    Mrs Sylvia Bland01886 853661

    Mrs Sheila Jones 01885 488625

    Mr Stuart Beare01885 482570

    Mr Angus Stormonth-Darling01886 821918

    Mr John Bland01886 853661

    Mr John Allan01886 821450

    Mrs Yvonne Evans01886 821811

    Mr Chris Harris01885 483681

    Sir Nicholas Harington01886 821819

    Mrs Nancy North01886 853321

    Mr Jerry Cummins01886 821485

    Mrs Celia MacKenzie01885 483492

    Mr John AllanMrs Brenda AllanMrs Myrtle KneenMr Stuart Beare

    Parish contactsParochial Church Council (PCC)

    The Parish Magazine

    Contributions, letters, drawings and digital photographs for the magazine are all very welcome.These may be left at Little Tedney, Whitbourne Village Shop or e-mailed to [email protected] should be accompanied by a name and full address. Anonymity will be consideredon request, but not provided automatically. Please note that the views expressed by contributorsto the Parish Magazine are their own and do not represent the position of the PCC or any otherbody. The last day for submissions is the 10th of the month.

    Advertisements are charged at £16 per full A4 page per month. Please see Page 11 for details.Please note that the advertising facility is intended for local service providers, retailers and clubs.Advertisements should comply with the ethos of the Parish Magazine.

    The Parish Magazine is available in Church at Edvin Loach, Tedstone Delamere, Upper Sapey andWhitbourne, also at Whitbourne Village Shop. The magazine is priced at 50p or £5.00 for an annu-al subscription, collected at the beginning of the year. To subscribe, please call Mr Andrew Kneen.

    For local information and photographs plus the latest offers from buy.at/Whitbourne, please visit

    of Greater Whitbourne


    Cover photograph by Francis Evans



    Mrs Rachel Evans 01886 [email protected]

    Mr Andrew Kneen01886 [email protected]



    Mr John Bland01886 [email protected]

    Mr Francis Evans07850 [email protected]

  • of Greater Whitbourne Page 3

    From the Rector

    The first Sunday of March also happens to bethe first Sunday in Lent. Lent begins on AshWednesday and ends at Easter. Lent may orig-

    inally have followed Epiphany, just as Jesus’sojourn in the wilderness followed immediately onhis baptism, but soon became firmly attached toEaster, as the principal occasion for baptism andfor reconciliation of those who had been excludedfrom the church’s fellowship for apostasy or seri-ous faults. This history explains the characteristicnotes of Lent - self-examination, penitence, self-denial, study, and preparation for Easter, to whichalmsgiving has traditionally been added.

    Ashes are an ancient sign of penitence; from theMiddle Ages, it became the custom to begin Lent bybeing marked in ash with the sign of the cross. Thecalculation of the 40 days has varied considerablyin Christian history. It is now usual in the West tocount them continuously to the end of Holy Week(not including Sundays), so beginning Lent on thesixth Wednesday before Easter, Ash Wednesday.

    The Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare, orRefreshment Sunday) was allowed as a day of relieffrom the rigours of Lent; these breaks from auster-ity are the background to the modern observanceof Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

    As Holy Week approaches, the atmosphere of theseason darkens; the readings begin to anticipatethe story of Christ’s suffering and death, and thereading of the Passion narrative gave to the FifthSunday its name of Passion Sunday.

    There are many devotional exercises which may beused in Lent. The stations of the Cross, made pop-ular in the West by the Franciscans after they weregranted custody of the Christian sites in the HolyLand, are the best known.

    Within our own diocese, Bishop Michael Hooperhas announced that he will be retiring in May. Wehave much to thank the bishop for in this parish -he has been a strong supporter of Tanga in Touchand has confirmed many young people in theparish, including Daniel and Jacob. The Bishop hasalso done a lot of work behind the scenes so we willbe sad to see him go but, we wish him well in hisretirement.

    We also say farewell to Revd Chris Fletcher whoretires from the Bredenbury group of parishes thismonth. Chris has done a lot of work in our deaneryand will be missed by his people. We pray that theywill not have to wait to long for their new priest.

    At our Annual General Meeting in April, the PCCwill publish a Parish Plan for the next five years.The plan looks at all aspects of the Church’s lifeand includes ideas for mission and ministry, aswell as plans to develop our church buildings andto improve our Christian giving. We hope that thePlan will be of interest too to those who don’t go tochurch. For more information contact the PCCSecretary or the Rector.

    David HowellRector

    The Parish of Greater Whitbourne

    A message from Whitbourne Parish Council

    During April you will receive through thepost a Housing Needs Survey questionnairefrom Herefordshire Council. Whitbourne hasbeen identified as a ‘main village’ in theCouncil's Unitary Development Plan.

    The Parishes of North Bromyard Group andBrockhampton Group will also be receivingthe survey and any needs identified by theseparishes will be provided in Whitbourne.

    Whatever your views, you are urged to com-plete the survey and return it, becauseHerefordshire Council will base its plans onthe results.

  • The Parish MagazinePage 4


    We made it, folks! We achievedour target of £800 for ourChristmas Appeal to help theAIDS orphans in our link parishin Tanzania. I was able to sendthis money off in earlyDecember, so they should havereceived it before Christmas.

    There are now 190 orphans ofvarying ages in Mapinduzi – justone parish! This money will makeall the difference. Many of themare cared for by poor grandpar-ents who have hardly enoughincome to feed themselves. Thiswill mean school uniform, so thatthey can go to school, and examfees so that they can move on tothe next stage of their lives. Forthe infants it will mean morenourishing food than the usualmaize porage. The impact of ourAppeal, which we have held everyyear since 2004, is growing yearby year.

    This year a lot of the moneycame from private donations. Tothe donors, we are extremelygrateful. Some came from thecollection box which was inWhitbourne Village Shop for sixweeks. Some came fromBredenbury W.I., HerefordRotarians and members of theBromyard Local History Society.To all of you, I would like to saya sincere ‘thank you’ on behalf ofthe orphans.

    Brenda Allan


    Well, January and another NewYear! Heather opened the meet-ing by wishing everyone a HappyNew Year and then we all paidour new membership. We thenbegan with the business meeting.

    The skittle team playedRushwick on 12th January andwe won. We have one morematch to play. There were then afew announcements. The tradingstall is going, so if members

    would like to bring anything tosell, they can do so.

    Heather gave a report on our tripto the Alfrick Christmas party,which was marvellous and alaugh from start to finish.Birthday posies were given outand Maureen won the competi-tion and was given a book token.

    Ann Roberts then introduced ourspeaker for the evening, StevenThrush from the WorcesterBreast Care Unit. What an inter-esting and informative talk - howtreatment has changed and ischanging. A new building hasbeen found for the unit, whichwill be for breast cancer verysoon, hopefully, with a free carpark.

    Our next meeting is on February10th, when Brian Draper is com-ing to talk on ‘From the source ofthe Severn’. The competition is aphoto or drawing of the river.

    Everyone is welcome at 7.30pmin the small hall of the villagehall.


    Whitbourne Friendship Club

    Our first meeting for 2009 will beon February 4th, when WendyCummins is going to talk to usabout a Chinese wedding.

    Everyone is welcome and weshall meet at 11am inWhitbourne village hall.



    Yes, it’s that time of year again,when your magazine distributorsask you to pay your subscrip-tions. The cost of a year’s worthof magazines is still only £5 andall the money goes to fund ourchurches in this parish, so it is afiver very well-spent.

    We want to make sure that themagazine is the first place peo-

    ple in this parish go to for infor-mation, so please let us know allabout your events and adven-tures. The more information wecan include, the more you get foryour money!


    Can you help?

    Could you spare just an hour andhalf every six weeks to help keepour beautiful church inWhitbourne looking clean andcared for? If so, Claudia (and theother volunteers) would be veryhappy to hear from you! Pleasephone her on 821583. New vol-unteers for our other rotas wouldalso be very welcome.


    West Mercia police invite you tomeet your local policing teams atthe Plough Inn, Stoke Lacy, at7.15pm on Tuesday 24thFebruary.

    There will be a detailed presenta-tion of the SMARTWATER systemand the opportunity to join theRural Watch scheme will also beavailable.

    SMARTWATER, a unique proper-ty-marking scheme, will be avail-able at a vastly reduced rate. Thesystem is highly effective andhas a 100% success rate whenused in court cases and is usedby 95% of UK police forces. It isintended that there will also beother crime prevention measuresdemonstrated by a security com-pany.

    In addition, members of the localNeighbourhood Watch teams willbe in attendance, offering anopportunity to find out moreabout the work they do in part-nership with West Mercia police.

    Members of your local policingteam will also be on hand toanswer any questions or issuesaffecting your community.

    Jenson Jones

  • of Greater Whitbourne Page 5

    Sponsorship with a smileSeeking sponsorship by raisingsmiles at the next WADS pro-duction will be Joe Bond, whoaims to raise £5,000 for CancerResearch UK by taking part in theLondon Marathon on April 26th.

    Laughter Lines: A Miscellany ofComedy and Farce, which will beperformed on March at theVillage Hall, at 7.30pm, is a spe-cial performance of a miscellanyof comic skits. All proceeds fromthe performance will go to spon-sor Joe, who is running themarathon for his mum Jane.

    Jane, whom many know from her

    involvement with WADS, as wellas her work at Knightwick sur-gery, is currently having treat-ment for cancer.

    Joe says: “The reason to chooseCancer Research as my charityseemed fitting as there is very lit-tle known about cancer startingin the appendix and I would liketo think that money raised maygo to helping research in thisarea, perhaps finding a moreeffective treatment so that oth-ers may be much more fortunatethan my Mum.”

    Jane has always loved being

    involved with WADS productionsand will be helping out asprompt for the Panto ‘Ali Babaand the Mystic Cave’ andLaughter Lines. We can think ofno better way to raise money forJoe’s sponsorship than putting asmile on the faces of our audi-ence. We hope you will come tothe production and/or sponsorJoe online. The web site addressis http://www.runningspon-sorme.org/joebond.

    Tickets available at the villageshop or 01886 821510.

    Meg Dawson

    A snapshot from Holland - farming with an special purpose

    In my last piece I wrote a bitabout ‘care farming’. I have justreturned from a two day ‘carefarm’ study tour in theNetherlands. They are 10 yearsahead of us, with 1,000 carefarms established, providingcare, recuperation and trainingfor clients of all sorts. We visitedfour very different projectsaccompanied by Ina Kattenburg,who acted as our guide andtranslator. Ina has been involvedin care farming in Holland as anadvisor for many years; I met herwhen she spoke at one of thefirst conferences on the subjectin this country four years ago,and had the idea then after hear-ing her presentation that a studytour would be really useful. Isn’tit great when sometimes ideascome to fruition?

    The projects ranged from a dairyfarmer milking 60 beautiful redHolstein cows. It transpired thatone of the autistic women heworks with just loved brushingcows! It showed. He lived andworked on his own until threeyears ago when, with his neigh-bour who has goats and ponies,he started working with autisticteenagers. It all seems to beworking well.

    The other projects included ayoung couple working with 26psychiatric patients in their plantnursery under two acres of glass,and a menagerie of farm and zooanimals. And a man in his earlysixties who had spent a lifetimegrowing everything from toma-toes and cucumbers to roses andbonsai trees in his five acres ofglass house, and now wanted togive something back to society.He had started working with asy-lum seekers with mental illness-es in a new project growingorganic vegetables and creating afarm shop and tea room in thefront part of the greenhouse.

    It was a very full couple of days. The group did not know each

    other particularly well before-hand. We were made up of threefarmers, one smallholder, twoRural Business consultants andour West Midlands Care Farmingconsultant. We all gained differ-ent things from the trip but as wesat around the kitchen tables lis-tening to the stories and experi-ences of the care farmers them-selves, we certainly got a sense oftheir deep commitment and careof their charges, whether thatwas driven by a belief in God’smessage or a strong social con-science, and we heard about theups and downs –frustrations andrewards. It was a real inspirationand a pat on the back for human-ity.

    Julia Evans

    Dairy farmer Art serves the group tea

  • Page 6 The Parish Magazine

    Policing news With the new year now upon us,we have a few events for you tobe aware of and hopefully attend.The first is the PACT meetingwhich is to be held at The FalconMews at 7pm on 12th Feb 2009.

    The PACT process allows you tovoice any concerns that affectyour community and is an oppor-tunity to meet the local policingteams face to face.

    Other news includes the investi-gation and subsequent arrest of aman for a series of burglaryoffences committed throughout2008. This individual travelledgreat distances to commitoffences and has been dealt withfor 17 offences of burglary of

    dwellings in Herefordshire and isnow serving a 4-year prison sen-tence. I hope this sends out theright message to all would-becriminals and deters others fromfollowing this path.

    In recent weeks, police across theWest Midlands region have seenan increase in distraction burgla-ries when callers posing as waterboard staff, TV engineers and thelike, charm their way into thehouses of the vulnerable and dis-tract them, whilst their accom-plices slip into the propertyunseen and remove cash andvaluables. The main caller thenmakes his excuses and leaves.

    Whilst the numbers of these bur-

    glaries are low, common to manyof them is the sighting of a silverMk 5 Volkswagen Golf car. Policebelieve the same car is beingused but with different numberplates on it each time.

    If you see a silver VW Golf withtwo or more men in it, parkednear the house of someonewhom is elderly or vulnerable orif you see such a car in other sus-picious circumstances, you areurged to contact the police on0300 333 3000 as soon as possi-ble or ring 999 in an emergency.

    PC 1950 John Meek

    Thanks from St Richard’s HospiceWe were delighted to receive themost wonderful donation of£307.41 that was raised from theMistletoe and Wine Carol Concertat Whitbourne Village Hall justbefore Christmas. This is greatlyappreciated and I can assure youwill be used wisely in providingthe best possible specialist pal-liative care for our patients andtheir families.

    Please would you pass on ourmost sincere thanks to everyonewho contributed to making theevening such a success and inparticular to Mr Martin Wall andthe choir for their hard work.

    I would like to reiterate that it isonly through the generosity ofpeople like you and the othersinvolved in the evening who holdsuch lovely events for the hos-

    pice and with the input of ourother donors and volunteers thatwe can continue to provide careand support for our community.

    2009 is our silver anniversaryand we are so glad that we havebeen able to answer the increas-ing demand for our care. We nowhelp 1,800 patients and theirfamilies each year through allour services, including our nurs-es in the community and ourfamily support team. Each monthwe receive at least 70 new refer-rals to our Clinical NurseSpecialists who support patientsin their own homes. Our 15-bedIn-patient Unit runs 24-hours aday, all year round, offering spe-cialist palliative care with a ratioof nurses to patients of 2:1. TheUnit is frequently at full capacity.

    As you can imagine, all these spe-cialist services are very costly toprovide. We need to find 70% ofthe £4.23m it costs to provideour services this year, so we arevery appreciative of your dona-tion.

    Marilyn Peachey Director of Fundraising

    PJ Day is back on Fri 6th Feb –come and join Worcestershire’sBiggest Pyjama Party! Simplywear your pyjamas all day towork, school or going about youreveryday routine and help raisemoney for St. Richard's Hospice.For more information contact theFundraising Team on 01905763963 or go towww.strichards.org.uk.

    Tiblands Open MorningTiblands Nursery School will wel-come visitors to their OpenMorning on Saturday February 7,from 10am till noon.

    All are welcome to visit the nurs-

    ery and chat to staff, who will behappy to talk about the servicesthey offer.

    Tiblands, which is Ofsted-approved can give information

    on local schools.

    If you are unable to visit on the7th, please call to book anappointment for another time on01886 821394.

  • Page 7of Greater Whitbourne

    Letter from the Bishop of LudlowCarpe diem – Seize the moment –Kairos – a moment of time.

    There are opportunities whichmay be taken or missed. Theyusually come quickly and wehave the discernment to acceptthem and act or we miss the timeand it is gone.

    It was such a Kairos momentwhen Mary and Joseph took thebaby Jesus into the temple andSimeon and Anna were there,who greeted them and recog-nised in that moment the Christchild. It was this occasion whichgave us the wonderful words ofthe Nunc Dimittis, when Simeontook the baby Jesus in his armsand said “Lord now let your ser-vant go in peace: your word hasbeen fulfilled. My own eyes haveseen the salvation: which youhave prepared in the sight ofevery people; a light to reveal youto the nations: and the glory ofyour people Israel.” There wasalso the prophecy that Jesuswould be rejected and that asword would pierce Mary’s soul

    too. Simeon and Anna recognisedJesus in that moment and seizedit. They were able to do sobecause of a lifetime of worship,prayer and waiting. It was thisthat gave them the gift of dis-cernment when Mary and Josephcame into the temple with Jesus.

    This occasion has become whatwe know as Candlemas, when thecelebration of Jesus being bornof Mary comes to an end and webegin to look forward to Lent,Holy Week and Easter. This isbrought out powerfully for us inthe liturgy of the day, when welight candles celebrating Christ’sbirth as we look back over thelast forty days, and then blowingthem out, a poignant momentwhich points us to Jesus’ pas-sion, death and resurrection. It islike a hinge moment in theChurch’s year as we look backand look forward.

    Such a time has also come to mepersonally because I haveannounced my intention toresign as Bishop and Archdeacon

    of Ludlow. The 31st May will bemy last Sunday and I shall not beable to accept any invitationsafter that date. I am most fortu-nate in being able to look backover 44 years of life as a Deacon,Priest and Bishop in this Dioceseand now look forward to thefuture. I am most grateful to allthe people who have given me somuch in this Diocese with whomI have worked over many years.However it is a good moment toleave as I am so involved withyou all in the 2015 Consultationwhich enables us to look forwardto a vibrant, thriving church car-rying on God’s mission in a fastchanging world.

    Please join with me in DagHammarskjold’s prayer, which Ihave said daily for many years.

    “Father, for all that has beenthanks, to all that shall be, yes.”

    Bishop Michael HooperBishop of Ludlow

    What’s on - upcoming eventsFancy a really good breakfast,using local produce, in the com-pany of friends and neighbours,all for a very worthy cause? Lookno further than Whitbourne vil-lage hall on Sunday February 1,when the annual Farmers’Breakfast will be held from 9amto 12 noon, all to raise funds forthe Renton Cancer Unit.

    A concert in aid of St Richard’sHospice will be held on SaturdayFebruary 28 at WorcesterCathedral - tickets for the ElgarAnniversary Concert are avail-able from the ESO box office , oremail [email protected], or tele-phone 01386 – 791044.

    Rod Mason and His Hot Five will

    perform on Monday March 16, at7.30pm at The Royal NationalCollege for the Blind, inHereford.

    The critically acclaimed tradi-tional jazz band are playing justa handful of venues including atthe Royal National College forthe Blind (RNC), Hereford.

    Their broad repertoire is firmlyrooted in classic jazz, featuringMason’s original arrangementsfrom Louis Armstrong’s Hot Fiveand Seven, King Oliver’s CreoleBand and Jelly Roll Morton’s RedHot Peppers, plus a wide selec-tion of material from other(sometimes unexpected) sources.

    Bar, doors open 7pm for 7.30pmstart. Tickets £15 from RNCFundraising on 01432 376372 (e-

    mail [email protected]) or from The Outback,Church Street, Hereford.

    The combination of skill andstrength needed for hedgelayingwill be ably demonstrated onSaturday February 7 atChurchfields, Whitbourne, whenthe Parish Hedging Competitiongets under way. In aid of the AirAmbulance, the event will alsofeature a cake stall, for whichdonations are welcome. Pleasecontact Jenny Mitchell or RuthNeville concerning the cake stall.

    The Annual Parish Meeting takesplace at Whitbourne village hallon Tuesday March 3 at 7.30pm -all are welcome.

  • The Parish MagazinePage 8

    WI recipesMustard chicken with winter vegetables

    1 chicken, about 1.8kg/4lb in weight2 onions6 celery sticks6 carrots2 bay leaves2 thyme sprigs1tsp black peppercorns50g/2oz butter100g/4oz smoked bacon lardons3 small turnips, peeled and cut into wedges1tbsp plain flour2tbsps wholegrain mustard3 rounded tbsps creme fraichehandful of parsley, chopped

    Put the chicken in a large pot. Halve 1 onion, 1 cel-ery stick and 1 carrot. Add to the pot with theherbs, peppercorns and a sprinkling of salt. Addwater to come halfway up the chicken, bring to theboil, then cover tightly and simmer for 1½ hrs.

    Cool slightly, remove the chicken to a dish, thenstrain the stock into a bowl.

    When the chicken is cool enough to handle, stripthe meat from the bones and tear into pieces withyour hands.

    Chop the remaining onion, and cut the celery andcarrots into thick slices. Heat the butter in thesame pot, add the onion and lardons, then gentlyfry for 5 mins until just starting to brown. Add theremaining veg, then fry for 2 mins. Stir in the flour,then cook for 1 min. Measure 900ml of stock (ifyou don’t have enough, make up with water) thengradually add to the pan, stirring. Cover, then sim-mer for 20-25 mins until vegetables are tender.

    Return the chicken to the pan with the mustardand creme fraiche, then return to a simmer, stirringgently. Season and sprinkle with parsley.

    Sticky clementine cake with cheesecake cream

    12 seedless clementines, unpeeled500g/1lb 2oz golden caster sugar200g/8oz butter, softened, plus a little extra forgreasingzest of 1 lemon, plus a squeeze of juice3 eggs, separated300g/10oz ground almonds100g/4oz fine polenta or cornmeal2 x 150ml pots natural yogourt250g tub mascarpone

    Heat oven to 160C/fan 180c/gas 4. Boil the kettleand thinly slice 5 of the clementines horizontally,discarding the ends. In a small pan, melt 250g ofthe sugar with 300ml boiling water, then increasethe heat until the syrup is simmering. Add theclementine slices, then cover and cook for 20 minsuntil the slices are tender. Meanwhile, grease andline the base of a 25cm springform tin.

    Use a slotted spoon to lift out the clementineslices, then arrange over the bottom of the tin.Grate the zest from the remaining 7 clementines,and set aside. Squeeze the juice from 4, then stirthis into the syrup. Boil for 10 mins until thick.Cool and set aside.

    For the cake, beat 200g of the remaining sugarwith the butter, lemon zest and half of the clemen-tine zest until pale. Beat in the egg yolks one byone. Peel the three remaining zested clementine,the break the segments into a food processor andwhizz until pulpy. Stir this into the butter mixture

    along with the almonds, polenta and one pot ofyogourt. Whisk the egg whites to stiff peaks, thengently fold into the cake mix. Carefully spoon themixture into the prepared tin, then bake for 1 hruntil a skewer inserted comes out clean. Cool inthe tin.

    For the cheesecake cream, mix the remainingclementine zest with the mascarpone, the remain-ing pot of yogourt, 50g sugar and a good squeezeof lemon juice. Turn the cake out upside downonto a serving plate, then pour over some of thesticky syrup. Serve in wedges topped with a spoon-ful of the cheesecake cream, and a little moresyrup on the side.

    Time to relax

    I love to sit in my armchairMy feet resting on a stool

    And gaze out through the windowAt the bird bath and the pool

    The fish are swimming up and downEnjoying the morning sun

    And the birds are having a lovely timeAs they get their bathing done

    What more could you ask for to relax your mindThe silence is rewarding

    I am lost in time, this hour is mineI hope no-one comes calling!

    Shirley Whittall

  • Page 9of Greater Whitbourne

    At A GlanceSunday February 1, 9am-noon, Whitbourne village hall, Farmers’ Breakfast, in aid of Renton CancerUnit.

    Friday February 6 and Saturday February 7, Whitbourne village hall, WADS presents ‘Ali Baba andthe Mystic Cave’, by Brian Willis. Performances at 7.30pm on both evenings and at 2.30pm onSaturday February 7. Adults £6, children £4 - tickets available from the box office on 01886 821641.

    Wednesday February 4, 11am, Whitbourne Village Hall, Friendship Club.

    Saturday February 7, Churchfields, Whitbourne. Parish Hedging Competition, in aid of AirAmbulance. Cake stall - donations welcome; please contact Jenny Mitchell or Ruth Neville.

    Saturday February 14, 7.30pm, Sapey Golf Club, 60s and 70s music with Steve Palmer. Hot buffet(curry/lasagne), raffle. Tickets £10. In aid of Tedstone Delamere Church and Saltmarshe and DistrictHall. Donations welcome. Ring Kathleen Harris 01885 483681.

    Saturday February 28, Whitbourne, Safari Supper.

    Tuesday March 3, 7.30pm, Annual Parish Meeting, Whitbourne Village Hall.While members of the public are welcome to attend all parish council meetings, the annual meeting isintended as an opportunity for public discussion of any issue affecting the village

    Tuesday March 24, 8.00pm, North Bromyard Group Parish Council, Upper Sapey Village Hall.Members of the public are welcome to attend.

    Saturday July 11, Whitbourne church, Fete and Annual Garden Show. More details later.

    EVERY FRIDAY, 9.30-11.30am Upper Sapey Village Hall FRIDAY MARKET. Fresh produce, crafts and plants. Tea, coffee and cake. A percentage of all moneyraised is donated to the Acorn’s Children’s Hospice and County Air Ambulance. In addition, the second Friday of every month is a fundraiser for local and national charities.

    For more information about events in Bromyard and the surrounding area, why not visit the community website www.bromyard.info ?

    Mobile library visitsHerefordshire’s mobile library will be visiting the area every third Friday.

    Its itinerary is as follows: Upper Sapey Post Office 10.45am-11.05am, Tedstone Delamere Hill Cross11.20am-11.40am, Whitbourne village hall 11.50am-12.30pm, Bringsty Common 1.15pm-1.35pm,

    Bishops Frome village hall 2.05pm-2.50pm.

    Whitbourne Friendship Club

    The Friendship Club meets at Whitbourne Village Hall, in the small hall, on the first Wednesday ofevery month from 11am to 12.30pm. The dates for 2009 are as follows:

    February 4th, March 4th, April 1st, May 6th, June 3rd, July 1st, August 5th, Sept 2nd, Oct 7th,Nov 4th, Dec 2nd.

    If you would like to join us for a coffee and friendly chat (and occasional guest speaker) please come along. If you would like more information, please contact Ann Roberts, 821063,

    or Eileen Badger, 821501.

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  • Useful numbers (all 01886 unless shown otherwise)Knightwick Surgery 821279

    Great Witley Surgery 01299 896788

    Nunwell Surgery, Bromyard 01885 483412

    Herefordshire Council 01432 260000

    Worcestershire Council 01905 763763

    West Mercia Constabulary 08457 444888

    Rural policing team:

    PC Jill Richardson 07816 548932

    CSO Stephanie Annette 07970 602354

    The Parish Magazine: advertising ratesThe magazine is distributed to more than 330 households in Edvin Loach, Tedstone

    Delamere, Tedstone Wafre, Upper Sapey, Whitbourne and Wolferlow. Adverts cost just £16 for a full A4 page - a great way to reach local customers.To advertise, please e-mail your requirements to [email protected]

    Months 1 3 6 12

    Full page £16.00 £48.00 £96.00 £192.00Half page £8.00 £24.00 £48.00 £96.00Quarter page £4.00 £12.00 £24.00 £48.00Eighth page £2.00 £6.00 £12.00 £24.00

    ~~~ Please support our advertisers ~~~Don’t forget to mention the Parish Magazine when replying to adverts

    Whitbourne Village Shop 822227

    Clifton-upon-Teme Village Stores 812303

    Tiblands Nursery School 821394

    Whitbourne Primary School 821266

    Clifton-upon-Teme Primary School 812258

    Saltmarshe & District Hall 01885 488316

    Upper Sapey Village Hall 853327

    Whitbourne Village Hall 821255

    Clifton-upon-Teme Village Hall 812880

    Beau PassionWeddings: Bride’s Bouquet, Corsages,Buttonholes, Bridesmaids’ Bouquets,Pedestals, Church, Pedestals, Reception,Table decorations, Chair Bows, Favours and much more ...

    Designer Flower Arrangements and Decorating Designs For All Occasions . . .

    Parties, Get Well Soon, Thank You, I Love YouFunerals, Memorials, With Sympathy, Thinking of You . . .

    Will deliver to further locations at a competitive rate

    Whatever you need Flowers for, we can help07772 920 579

    FREE Delivery within 10 miles of Whitbourne

    of Greater Whitbourne Page 11

  • W hitbourne CE Prim ary School

    Are you making the important decision about where to send your child

    to school?

    Have you considered all the options available to you & your child?

    Are you looking for a friendly, happy school for your child?

    If you would like to meet us please phone the school

    on: 01886 821266 to make an appointment to view the school

    or email us at: [email protected]

    Page 12 The Parish Magazine

  • of Greater Whitbourne Page 13


    � Interior D esig n a nd Con sultancy

    � P ainting; In ternal a nd E x ternal

    � W allpapering

    01886 822 23807793 361 768

    P rovid ing an entire range o f hom e

    decoration serv ices including:

    W ith over 5 years experience you can be sure of an excellent result as

    w ell as a com petitive price. R eferences are available upon request.

    P lease do not hesitate to call fo r a no obligation quote. N o job too big

    or too sm all!

    R achel M utterL ady D ecorator

    W histlew ood C ottage, L ulsley, K nightw ick , W O R C E STE R W R 6 5QT


    By the UK’s leading Oven Cleaning Company

    OVENCLEANCleaning undertaken by one of our engineers, based in Suckley

    Over 500,000 cleans!Non caustic fresh solution every time

    Hobs, Extractors and microwaves also undertaken

    PHONE 0845 871 2600www.ovenclean.com


    ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� �����!����"���������������������������������!� �����#�������������������� �����



    Your Professional, Friendly, Local Independent Travel Shop Dealing With Large & Specialist Fully

    Bonded Tour Operators & Flight Suppliers.

    We Can Even Tailor Make Your Holiday!

    Free Out Of Hours Appointment Service Available! ����

    (������(������(������(����������(�� ���$����(�� ���$����(�� ���$����(�� ���$��������)*�������������+���������+�)*�������������+���������+�)*�������������+���������+�)*�������������+���������+���������,��������+��-./%�����,��������+��-./%�����,��������+��-./%�����,��������+��-./%�����


    ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����

  • Established local business, specialisingin the cleaning of period homes.

    Insured, with excellent references


    After 6pm week days and any timeduring the weekend




    Most aspects of tree surgery undertaken, includingpruning, trimming, felling and removal

    Hedge laying and fencingMowing and garden maintenance

    From private garden to agricultural (HLS) workNPTC qualified and full public liability insurance

    Contact 01886 821542 or 07813 611221

    Page 14 The Parish Magazine

    FOR SALE Honda HR214Rotary Mower

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Locally serviced from newPlease call 01886 821189

    CCoonnttrraacctt EEnnqquuiirriieess WWeellccoommeeTTeelleepphhoonnee 0011888855 448888660055MMoobbiillee 0077772233 331144550066

  • Including

    �� Patios �� Fencing�� Hedging

    Qualified chainsaw operatorTelephone:

    01531 670756 or 07789 062450

    Garden & LandscapeMaintenance

    Chris Treuttens

    Riding lessons-for all agesand abilities.Hacking-through wonderfulcountryside.Horse Livery-small friendlyyard.

    Roger BenbowBHSAI Registered Instructor

    Phone: 01885 488791mobile: 07792 358741www.tiptonhallridingschool.com

    Tipton Hall Riding School

    WHITBOURNE ON THE WEBClick into the future with the Parish Of Greater Whitbourne’s

    own website at www.whitbourne.org.ukwith links to all sorts of local websites you can find out what’s going on at the school, withthe farming community, Tanga in Touch, the People of Old Whitbourne Project and muchmore. Take a look at the picture gallery or the diary page to see what’s been happening

    and what’s coming up.

    And, for all your online shopping needs, visitwww.buy.at/Whitbourne

    where every purchase earns a commission for the Parish of Greater WhitbourneKeep on buying on line using www.buy.at/Whitbourneto connect you to those retailers that pay us to shop!

    of Greater Whitbourne Page 15

    R2D2 SURVEYS LIMITEDLand and Engineering Surveying Services.Topographical Surveys for Planning Applications

    Setting Out of Civil Engineering and BuildingsVolumetric Surveys and Earthmoving Design

    GPS and Robotic Equipment for fast accurate SurveysRoger Dixon, Smythes Croft, Whitbourne, Herefordshire. WR6 5RP

    Tel 07973 381362 Email: radixon @ lineone.net

    Red Kite

    Pest Control &

    Wildlife Management

    Com bining Tradition and InnovationCom bining Tradition and InnovationCom bining Tradition and InnovationCom bining Tradition and Innovation

    For all your local Pest Control requirements Humane, environmentally responsible methods

    Flexible Contracts ~ Individual Treatments

    BPCA and NPTA Qualified

    NPTA and UKPCO member

    All INSECT Pests

    All RODENT Pests

    All WILDLIFE Pests

    Specialized Trapping service

    Pest Prevention

    Free Advice ~ Free initial survey

    Free no obligation Quotations

    Telephone Andy Staples on:

    07977 044987 / 01886 832730

  • The Parish MagazinePage 16

    Tiblands Nursery SchoolWhitbourneNr WorcesterWR6 5RE

    01886 821394

    Sylvia & Trish Garness NNEB NVQ3 TDLB (Assessor for the NVQ)Take Ten More For Play (after school training)

    Established in 1966, new purpose built building officially opened onSaturday 7th October 2006.

    Ofsted approved and nursery education grants accepted. Good partnerships with local schools.

    Open all year round from 8.30-6pm for children aged 2-5 years, offer-ing quality care and education in a secure and nourishing environment.

    After-school club open Monday to Friday.

    For more details or to arrange a visit contact Sylvia or Trish.

  • Have you got a problem with yourTV, VIDEO, WASHING MACHINE,

    MICROWAVE etc ?

    Then callPat Priest

    General Electric ServicesNOW!

    Established locally for 18 years withover 30 years experience of the

    trade. We offer fast, reliable andhonest solutions to your problems at

    fixed rate prices01886 821109

    24 hour answering services







    OPENWED-FRI 10am-4pm SAT 10am-1pm



    (01886) 81245207746 762021


    Historic Building Health Checks; Surveys; Specifications; Job SupervisionWide ranging advice - for all types of construction and repair

    using traditional methods and materials.Over thirty years' experiencePrincipal; Noel Knight IHBC

    Perryfield House, Whitbourne, Worcester WR6 5RZtel/fax 01886 822107; mobile 07813 161428; e-mail [email protected]

    HHiissttoorriicc BBuuiillddiinnggssAAddvviissoorryy SSeerrvviiccee

    of Greater Whitbourne Page 17

    STILL ESCAPEDContinuing to avoid the rat race!

    I am available to cut grass and hedges.

    NEW - I can also build you any wooden shed, garage, dog kennel, etc. designed and built to your requirements

    from fully treated wood.

    Richard Bond 01886 821641






    TEL: 01886 821447

    MOBILE: 07714 542536

    E mail: [email protected]

  • Mick RonePlumbing & Elite Bathrooms



    Building alterations to createthat extra space

    Lighting effectsSuperb tiling ideasAir baths installedSpecial needs


    For that extra care and attentionsin your home and a free survey todiscuss your bathroom projects

    Tel/Fax 01886 884598

    BROMYARD BOARDING KENNELSNew Barnes, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4PA

    1 mile out of Bromyard on the Stourport road (B4203)

    Proprietor: Richard EvansTel. & fax: 01885 483486

    Extra large luxuryheated accommodation

    180-acre country setting for ample daily exercise

    Vaccinated boarders only

    Fully licensed and insured

    Inspection most welcomeBy appointment

    The Parish MagazinePage 18

    TAYLORS CONSERVATORY CAREA family run business with anestablished reputation for

    professional top quality service

    Supply and InstallationAftersales care and Re-roofing

    We supply and fit:

    - Aluminium Windows and Doors- UPVC Windows and Doors- Hardwood and Softwood Windows and Doors- Conservatories in Hardwood, UPVC and Aluminium

    We are agents for Compton Garages and Alton Greenhouses, also Pilkingtons Approved Installers

    PLEASE PHONE FOR A FREE QUOTATION contact us at 22 Saxon Close,

    Clifton-upon-Teme Worcester WR6 6DL01886 812424 Mob. 07801 281821

  • WWooooddeenndd

    Painter & DecoratorInterior & Exterior


    Nr WorcesterTel:- 01886 821392

    ! Good Eating !

    Outside catering for any occasionParties, Weddings, Receptions, Funeral teas

    Very competitive prices & excellent service

    For more information call:Janet Rogers (01885) 482392

    J. A. C JoineryBespoke hand madekitchens, fine furnitureand joinery. Please see ourwebsite for our portfolio.

    Competitive prices.

    To discuss your requirementsand request a free quotation,contact us at :- Unit 44 The Hop Pocket craft centreBishops Frome, Worcester WR6 5BT

    Daytime Telephone07968 343174or 07742 228196

    Evening Tel / Fax 01432 850288


    Alan RogersTree Maintenance& Gardening

    4 Clover CourtBromyard,Herefordshire,HR7 4BJ

    Phone: 01885 482916

    of Greater Whitbourne Page 19

    LOGSSALE4Call 07721 458089or 01886 821394


    Founded by James Forster, a formerPicture Valuer for Sotheby's,Beckford Fine Art provides:

    Specialist advice for those wishing tobuy or sell at auction

    Free valuations for sale at auctionFormal written valuations for insurance,

    probate and tax purposes

    For more information about our valuation days, or to make an

    appointment, please contact us:

    01989 [email protected]

    The Gatehouse, Grange Farm, Harewood End Estate, Hereford HR2 8JS


  • The Parish MagazinePage 20



    50% Discount Offer- Fully Trained & Insured Operators- Latest Equipment- Minimum Drying Times- We Move Furniture- Customer Satisfaction Guarantee- Oriental Rug Specialists- Stainshield Treatment- Deodorizer Treatment- Conditioning Treatment- Quotations on Request

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists, Highfields, Knightwick, Worcestershire WR6 5QG

    CARPETS Normal Discounted(average) Price PriceLounge (15’ x 12’) £52 £26Through Lounge (20’ x 12’) £64 £32Hall, Stairs, Landing (Standard) £64 £32Bedroom £52 £26

    UPHOLSTERY3 Piece Suite from £100 £50Leather Suite price on application

    CURTAINS (in situ)Full Length (per pair) £60 £30Half Length (per pair) £50 £25

    Minimum charge £26

    * BOOKING LINE *01886 821554

    07971 603007








    TEL: 01885 482941 MOB: 07929 325 885


    Please telephone DAVID on

    07814 922738 or 01885 482941



    � ������������ ��������������� ������������������� �������� ������������� ����������������������� ���������������������





    �� ����!���"������#����$�������������"�$�%�&'(�

  • of Greater Whitbourne Page 21

    TC SERVICESPlumbing & Domestic Appliance Repairs

    City and Guilds Registered20 Years experience

    Public Liability Insured10% Discount for OAPs

    Tony Clarke6 Toll House Close, Rushwick, Worcester, WR2 5TX

    Tel: 07793 815369 01905 424738

    The Village Stores

    For all your day to day needs :-

    � Daily Newspapers & Magazines� Boxed orders for collection� Off Licence & Cigarettes� Fresh Meat & Vegetables� Lottery, E Top up & Credit Card facilities� Local Products� Organic & Trade goods available

    Come along and see us

    My Shop is your shop - Shop local

    Opening timesMonday - Friday 7.00am to 6.00pmSunday 9.00am to 12.00 noon

    27 The VillageClifton upon Teme01886 812303

  • Page 22 The Parish Magazine







    ������������� ��!����



    FOOT HEALTH CLINICMark W. Loveday BA (Hons)

    S.A.C Dip FHPT S.A.C Dip FHPP

    I offer treatments of:

    • Corns • Callus• Nails: nail trimming, ingrown nails and

    thickened nails• Fungal Infections • Verrucas

    I also offer biomechanical assessments, custom made insoles and general foot care advice.

    Prices:Nail trimming - £14

    Full treatment (for corns, callus etc…includes a nail trim) - £20

    Home Visits - £26

    For an appointment please telephone the surgery on

    01885 482007Clinics are held in Bromyard and Collington



    T: 01886 821447 M:07753 508 484E: [email protected]



    Don’t! Save your energy tocall your local

    COMPUTER GURU!01905 830794 or 07815 697703DAVID KIRBY can solve your

    problems and save your sanity!

  • of Greater Whitbourne Page 23

    Stop at theshop

    Home-made preserves, freshlocal fruit & vegetables, cards,stationery, soaps, cleaning andhousehold products, sweets andchocolates and much more.

    Opening hours

    Weekdays:8.45 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

    Saturday:9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.

    Sunday: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

    Run entirely by volunteersfor your community

  • Offering quality childcareand

    pre-school educationsFor 0-5 year olds

    Open 7.30am - 6.00pmExperienced qualified staff

    Flexible hoursOfsted Registered

    Nursery Education Grants available

    Also offering job opportunities forprofessional, committed staff

    looking for support in theircareer development.

    For further details, please telephoneManager

    Sandra Sharratt at the Centre01886 812380

    The Village, Clifton-upon-TemeWorcester WR6 6DH

    The Parish MagazinePage 24



    BRIAN RICHARDSGarden & Farm Machinery

    Clifton-On-Teme07831 306 487 DAY TIME01886 812 628 EVENING





    InsuredCRB checked

    ExperiencedTailor made packages

    Short noticeQualified


    Fully established & affordableA job is never too big or smallFor more info give me a call

    Rachel2 Pewcroft Cottage, Suckley, Worcs, WR6 5DG

    01886 884525Email: [email protected]

    Chestnut Construction Ltd

    Civil Engineering & Building Work

    Site ClearanceEarth MovingDrainage

    Groundworks & Bio DiscsDriveways

    House BuildingIndustrial Building

    01886 82145307817 198303


    Qualified and experienced in all aspects of carpentry

    Kitchens supplied and fittedFirst and second fixDoors and windowsOak timber framesLoft conversions

    RoofingRenovations - old and newPlastic facias and guttering

    For free quotes, competitive prices and a professional service, please phone:

    07779 073870 or 01886 821151

    Quality & satisfaction guaranteed

    Researching Bromyard Area, Local Family,House or Local History?We have Parish Registers, Censuses,

    maps, newspapers, photos & much moreAt

    THE LOCAL HISTORY CENTRE5 Sherford St, Bromyard (next to the Post Office)

    Opening Hours Thurs & Fri. 10-1 & 2-4.30 Sat 10-12.30Tel 01885 488755 (opening hours only)

    e-mail: [email protected]: www.bromyardhistorysociety.org.uk

    of Greater Whitbourne Page 25


  • Whitbourne Community Car SchemeIf you have transport problems getting to medical

    appointments etc. we will be happy to help. Please start ringing from the top of the list

    - Current charge: 12p per mile from driver's door to driver's door- The service covers all residents in the Parish of Greater Whitbourne- Please give as much notice as possible when you need transport- Our drivers reserve the right to refuse a request if they feel it inappropriate- Volunteers are always welcome; please ring Gillie Stormonth Darling on 821918.


    This page updated February 2009

    1. John Allan: 8214502. Gillie Stormonth Darling 821918

    3.Susie Tetley 8214324. Meg Dawson 8215105. Asimina Smith 8124356. Janet Knight: 8216191.

    The Parish MagazinePage 26


    Whitbourne Village HallAbsolute Beginners Line Dance Course

    7.00pm to 8.00pmImprover & Intermediate Line Dancing

    8.00pm to 10.00pm Wednesday

    Martley Village HallClassic & Golden Oldies Line Dancing

    7.00pm to 8.00pmIntermediate Line Dancing8.00pm to 10.00pm

    FridayWhitbourne Village Hall

    Absolute Beginners Partner Dance Course 7.00pm to 8.00pm

    Improver & Intermediate Partner Dancing8.00pm to 10.00pm

    Jeff & Thelma MillsTel:01886 821772 Mobile:0773300 8664

  • OOur Parish Cycle of Prayer

    1st Feb Whitbourne8th Feb Wolferlow15th Feb Edvin Loach22nd Feb Upper Sapey1st Mar Tedstone Wafre8th Mar Tedstone Delamere15th Mar Whitbourne22nd Mar Wolferlow29th Mar Edvin Loach

    Useful information

    For the theme of the readings, please refer to thereading sheets available at the back of the Church.Readers need to check with the celebrant as to whichreading is preferred if an alternative is shown.

    Liturgical colours:

    February: 1st White; 8th-22nd GreenMarch: Purple

    FFlloowweerrss & Brasses - Whitbourne

    1st Feb Mrs A Taylor8th Feb Mrs A Taylor15th Feb Mrs Y Evans22nd Feb Mrs Y Evans1st Mar Mrs Mary Jones8th Mar Mrs Mary Jones15th Mar Mrs D Haddock & Mr L Haddock22nd Mar Mrs D Haddock & Mr L Haddock29th Mar Mr and Mrs A Cunningham

    Any queries regarding church flowers shouldbe directed to Mrs Yvonne Evans on 821811.

    Sidesmen - Whitbourne

    1st Feb Mrs S Jones8th Feb Mr J Cummins15th Feb Mrs Y Evans22nd Feb Mrs M Kneen1st Mar Mr D Shaw8th Mar Mrs C Buxton15th Mar Mr J Allan22nd Mar Mrs S Jones29th Mar Mr J Cummins

    Parish Communion Readers - Whitbourne

    1st Feb Mrs M Kneen8th Feb Mrs Y Evans15th Feb Mrs B Allan22nd Feb Mrs S Dodd1st Mar Mr P Lack8th Mar Sir N Harington15th Mar Mr J Allan22nd Mar Mr J Bland29th Mar Mrs M Kneen

    Church Cleaning - Whitbourne

    31st Jan Mrs A Evans7th Feb Mrs C Buxton14th Feb Mrs M Kneen21st Feb Mr J and Mrs B Allan28th Feb Mrs E & Miss E Badger7th Mar Mrs A Evans14th Mar Mrs C Buxton21st Mar Mrs M Kneen28th Mar Mr J and Mrs B Allan

    Upper Sapey

    February Helen MilesMarch Carol Evans Fisher

    Anyone wishing to be included in the cleaningrotas can contact Carol Wilde on 853491(Upper Sapey) or Claudia Buxton on 821583(Whitbourne). New volunteers for any of therotas are always welcome.

    Coffee - Whitbourne

    1st Feb Mrs C Buxton8th Feb Mrs A Taylor & Mrs M Williams15th Feb Mrs A Evans22nd Feb Mrs E Badger & Mrs P Ransley1st Mar Mr P Lack8th Mar Mrs W Cummins & Mrs S Dodd15th Mar Mr J and Mrs S Bland22nd Mar Mrs S Bland & Master S Cole29th Mar Mrs C Buxton

    If the dates shown for the Whitbourne rotasare inconvenient and you are not able tochange with anyone else on the list, please letClaudia Buxton know on 01886 821583.Thank you to all those who put so much effortinto keeping our Churches running smoothly.

    Church Rotasof Greater Whitbourne Page 27

  • 1st February *Candlemass

    8th FebruaryThird before Lent

    15th FebruarySecond before Lent

    22nd FebruaryNext before Lent

    1st March *First Sunday of Lent

    8th MarchSecond Sunday of Lent

    15th MarchThird Sunday of Lent

    22nd MarchMothering Sunday

    29th MarchFifth Sunday of Lent

    Church Services 6.30pm















    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    Upper SapeyHoly Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    Tedstone DelamereHoly Communion

    Edvin LoachHoly Communion

    WhitbourneFamily Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    Tedstone DelamereHoly Communion

    Edvin LoachHoly Communion

    WhitbourneFamily Communion

    Upper SapeyFamily Communion

    WhitbourneHoly Communion

    The Holy Eucharist will be offered at Whitbourne every Wednesday at 10.30am* Denotes Book of Common Prayer

    St Andrew, Wolferlow

    St Michaeland all Angels, Upper Sapey

    St JamesTedstone Delamere

    St Mary, Edvin Loach

    St John the Baptist, Whitbourne