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  • Direct Object


    DROBAC, 2011

  • Les pronoms

    complments dobjet

    Tu connais Ramir?

    Non, je ne le connais pas.

    Tu vois la nouvelle jupe?

    Oui, je la vois.

    Tu as mon crayon?

    Non, je ne lai pas.

    Tu cherches ces livres?

    Oui, je les cherche..DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    le replaces a masculine singular

    direct object noun.

    la replaces a feminine singular direct

    object noun.

    les replaces a plural direct object


    l replaces a masculine or feminine

    singular direct object noun before a

    vowel. DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    Direct object pronouns

    replace direct object nouns

    that answer the questions,

    who? et what?

    DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    Direct object pronouns

    replace nouns referring to

    specific people or things.

    DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    You use the direct object

    pronouns with voici and


    Voici mes cassettes! Les voici!

    Voil Tariq! Le voil!

    DROBAC, 2011

  • Some Verbs Which Take a

    Direct Object in French:




    aller chercher



    to listen to

    to look at; to watch

    (on TV)

    to look for

    to get, pick up

    to wait for

    to pay for

    DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    You can use the neuter direct object pronoun, le, to replace an adjective or a clause:

    Vous tes srieux? Oui, nous

    le sommes. Yes, we are.

    Esperez-vous aller en France?

    Oui, je lespre. I hope so.

    DROBAC, 2011

  • Direct Object Pronouns

    In general, direct object pronouns

    come before the verb, according to

    the following pattern:

    subject (+ ne) + pronom + verb (+ pas)

    complment dobjet

    DROBAC, 2011

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