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Sixth Edition of Semi Annual Newsletter - TCS Maitree Toastmasters Club, Mumbai (#616631)


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    TCS Maitree Toastmasters Club, Mumbai

    June 2015

    Thank You My Mentor

    Involve To Evolve

    The Trip To Kashid


    And a lot more inside...

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    Dear Readers,

    Be it at home, or at workplace, in every sphere of our lives, we have a mentor. Lets take a moment and thank

    those special toastmasters who wholeheartedly put efforts to make us better leaders and communicators - our


    The mentors and mentees eventually develop a camaraderie and work coherently towards the growth of the

    club thereby contributing in completing club goals. For the third time, since the foundation of TCS Maitree

    Toastmasters Club, the club was recognized with the prestigious Golden Gavel, awarded by District 41. We could

    only accomplish this milestone because of the dedication shown by each and every club member. Thanks to all

    the members of our club for their enthusiasm and efforts in helping the club scale greater heights.

    Welcome to the Sixth edition of Communiqu!

    Have fun as you browse through the pages of this exciting new edition full of wonderful articles and updates

    from the club!

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

    Happy Reading!

    Editorial Team

    Please send your feedback, comments

    and creative ideas for future issues to:

    Editorial Team

    Neha Agarwal, Mohit Sharma

    Somnath Bhattacharjee, Kriti Gupta

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    I nside this issue

    Scarcity was Bliss.....1

    If you think, you Can!.......2

    Joint Meeting.......3

    Is this the Place?...... ...........4

    Involve To Evolve.........5

    The Trip To Kashid........7

    Speech Marathon. .......9

    Together but Alone............10

    Thank You My Mentor....11

    Contest Season. .........15

    Rendezvous... ....17

    Club Achievers19

    Club Achievements.........21

    Know Your Ex-Com.23

    Oration 201525

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    I ts still crystal clear in my mind, the days when I sat on the carrier of my fa-thers bicycle and he paddled towards the lush Sabzi Mandi near our house. It

    used to be thronged by humans from all strata of the society, clad in all possible

    colors one could think of and trying all possible tricks to get to the vendors first.

    There was no refrigerator to keep the vegetables fresh, so the daily pilgrimage

    to the market became a ritual followed with utmost austerity. There was a high

    probability of meeting a formidable aunt or a grannysuncles-sons-wifes-

    nephew, who would be more than happy to buy me a Kismi Bar. It was such a


    There were countless things that could entice a young girl like me. Iridescent

    glass bangles made a rainbow in the middle of the market, the polka dotted red

    skirt kept me longing for it a great while, ice-cream vendors had their own ways

    of garnering my attention and the florists elaborate stall laden with a rich as-

    sortment of flowers had its own charm. The daily bicycle ride was a pleasure that

    my heart would never forgo. It taught me that we cannot always have what we

    want, instead for satisfaction, we need to share whatever we have.

    the latent lessons of life. The scarcity of laptops and cell phones kept everyones lives simple. We read and appreciat-

    ed, we dreamt and discussed. How can one mingle and grow with virtual people who have photo-shopped faces? Are

    we not missing the warmth of the togetherness and the joy of meeting people who had so much to share...?

    Sometimes I really wish I could rewind my life. The bliss of scarcity was my heaven on earth...What was yours?

    Scarcity was Bliss

    Being an avid reader, she

    loves the magic world of

    books. Writing and public

    speaking have always been

    her passion. She is an ad-

    venture freak and never

    misses any opportunity for

    adventure sports. She also

    has a taste for music and

    loves to play the guitar.

    Shruti Sinha

    You might be wondering where is the

    scarcity part of the entire thing? The an-

    swer is - It is a part of each of the things

    that made my childhood happy.

    The scarcity of shopping malls and

    online vendors gave me innumerable

    unforgettable moments with Real Peo-

    ple. It gave me a chance to learn many of

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    Ankit Dasgupta

    He is a big foodie, a football

    freak and a talented speak-

    er. He is always curious to

    learn all tidbits of public

    speaking. Adventure runs in

    his veins, he enjoys cycling,

    biking, running and trekking.

    He loves meeting new peo-

    ple and making friends.

    1 3th March 2015, standing on the podium in front of distinguished guests and hosting a very prestigious ceremony... is an exhilarating experience.

    The felicitation ceremony of the 13th batch of the Advanced Computer Training

    Centre for the visually impaired was conducted by TCS at Banyan Park. The

    educational program lasted for 45 days which included imparting critical soft-

    ware knowledge to the visually impaired trainees with the support of

    M N Banajee Home for Blind.

    If you think, you Can!

    The event was organized by TCS and it was graced by the presence of Commander Sabu Matthew, Corporate Head -

    Administration, TCS and Ms. Nina Screwvalla, Global Head of TCS Maitree. The dedication and zeal showed by the 11

    trainees was mind blowing. It was indeed a privilege to be the Master of Ceremony and contribute to this thoughtful

    initiative by TCS Maitree team. After talking to the trainees and getting to know them better, I realized that if you

    have the determination and dedication to achieve, what you think you can, then nothing will be an obstacle for you.

    The acknowledgment received from the audience in the form of a round of applause was the signal of a job well

    done. I was happy to represent TCS Maitree Toastmasters Club at such a glorious event and make our club proud. In

    the end, for all those talented trainees, I would like to say,

    Life's battles don't always go to the stronger and the fastest man,

    But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

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    Joint Meeting T CS Maitree Toastmasters Club con-ducted its 335th session as a joint meeting

    with Dadar Toastmasters Club on February

    7th, 2015. The meeting was made possible

    due to the joint efforts of TM Dushyant

    Songaonkar (TCS Maitree Toastmasters

    club) and TM Harshal Kulkarni (Dadar

    Toastmasters club) who co-ordinated with

    both the club members to organize the

    joint session. The session was an eclectic

    mix of fun and learning. Presiding Officer,

    TM Nikhil Salvi (Dadar Toastmasters Club)

    entertained the audience with a quick quiz

    on the starting date of renowned and veteran clubs across the world. Since the theme of the meeting was Kishore

    Kumar - The King of Melodies, the audience enjoyed the musical atmosphere throughout the session with melodi-

    ous songs and impromptu singing. Starting right away with the song Yeh shaam mastaani.., Toastmaster of the Day,

    TM Ankit Dasgupta (TCS Maitree Toastmasters club), set the tone for the meeting and hooked the audience with

    interesting revelations about the legendary Kishore Kumar.

    The prepared speakers enthralled the audience and at the same time offered some insights and lessons as a take

    away. The role players from both the clubs enthusiastically participated and helped in conducting the meeting


    The meeting was concluded by Presiding Officer, TM Krishnadas Nair (TCS Maitree Toastmasters club) where he fe-

    licitated the winners and articulated the memorable, mystical, musical nature of the session.

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    Up above there somewhere, they sure do hear me say

    Some answers for some questions, followed by confusions

    Inside a heart there is a thought, which always does sway

    Is this the place you made, for all of us to stay?

    I see the beauty in the sky, I see it on the ground

    Nature in harmony, with everything around

    But something is still missing, and everyone is at fight

    Beauty in the inside is nowhere to be found

    The calm blue sky above us, appears now to be grey

    Inside a heart there is a thought, which always does sway

    Is this the place you made, for all of us to stay?

    We hear the jingling coins, and the cuckoo sings alone

    More than love and peace in mind, greed is what we own

    The eyes instead of rainbow colors, see color of the skin

    Smiling faces but anger in heart, deception is now the way

    Inside a heart there is a thought, which always does sway

    Is this the place you made, for all of us to stay?

    I stand amazed and wondering, they look at me and smile

    To show that their creation, is not at all fragile

    Just then I see two small and pure souls, giggling by my side

    Ignorant smiling faces, little hands and feet agile