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Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents CV 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7

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Page 1: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham

Architectural Design PortfolioGraham Ouwerkerk


CV 1Slide Effects 2-5Capitruism Tower 6House Agua Luz 7

Page 2: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham


Graham Ouwerkerk

A: 15 Tuscan Springs ardens Calgar AlertaE: graamouwerergmailcomT: 1---2

To attain a summer intern position wit Kasian so tat I ma develop m arcitectural sills witin an estalised and exemplar firm wic values a strong compan culture and empasizes BIM design

SMMA ALIICATIS - Masters in Arcitecture Student Currentl in t of 6 semesters - ormer owner and manager of College ro ainters francise - BA in International Management and Bsc in olitical Science from te niversit of Letridge - Extensive experience in trades involved in te design and construction process

EEIECE a August ollege Pro Painters algar A - esponsile for te proect management of over 1 proects grossing over 5 in CalgarCocrane Bearspaw edwood Meadows and Springan - Managed individuals maing up 5 different crews ranging in age from 25-65 - Acieved aout of te companies sales - Successfull managed client concerns and expectations to acieve an 2 et romoter Score and customer service rating anuar anuar ollege Pro Painters ethrige A - Acieved et romoter Score for over 5 of production and 1 customer recommendation - Customer Service and eliailit award winner - Managed as man as 1 emploees wit zero unwanted turnover Increased crew efficienc for all crews -5 - College ro residents Award winner wit distinction for usiness excellence - Consistentl wored 12-16 our das 6 and often 7 das a wee

Present Part Time Design an onstruction outhern Alerta - esigned and constructed numerous proects including a gazeo wit an attaced dec and fire pit a oardwal seds pergola and numerous fences allowing me to attain extensive experience in framing roofing and fencing and landscape design Various proects off and on from 2-211 - esigned and constructed interior asement renovation enovation allowed me to transform an open area into a comfortale space tat included a edroom utilit room sitting area atroom and laundr all 27 -Interior renovations ave provided experience in framing dr walling electrical pluming painting finising carpentr and flooring ter Various proects taing place in Spring 215 Summer 21 Summer 21 - ored as a concrete finiser for cumulative 16 monts summers 27-211 in wic I ecame familiar wit a numer of industrial and decorative finises including polised roomed exposed aggregate and stamped

ring PG usiness ometition ethrige ACompetitorTeam Memer - ored successfull wit team memers and professional advisors to acieve second place finis out of over competitors - elivered concise presentations eac aout 2 minutes in lengt related to usiness strateg and mareting leading up to and during official competition - Ale to utilize m leadersip and teamwor sills in order to facilitate discussion new ideas and aid in efficient decision maing - Te competition allowed me to utilize and improve m analtical prolem solving communication and teamwor sills to provide an innovative usiness solution

ECATI Present niersit of algar algar A - Masters in Arcitecture Student - Extensive use of arcitectural design software and te Adoe Suite - Cumulative A of 7 troug semesters

all niersit of ethrige ethrige A - raduated wit a Bacelors of Science in International Management Spanis Minor spring 21 - raduated wit a Bacelors of Arts in olitical Science international focus spring 21 - Excange semester aroad at La niversidad de anamericana uadalaara Mxico Spring 21 - pen studies in ine Arts Spring and all of 21

ETACICLA ACTIVITES Trael - I ave extensive travel experience to Sout East Asia summer 26 te Middle Eastsummer 2 Europe summer 2 and fall 212 summer 215 Mexico Spring 21 and Sout America Marc 21 and August 215 Tis as taugt me a great deal pertaining to cross-cultural nowledge and sensitivities As a result I ave ecome uite adaptale to cultural diversit cange and uncertaint Personal Training an orts - M individual psical exercise regiment as taugt me te value of ard-wor and perseverance I ave een consistentl attending te gm for over ears Sports ave also alwas eena passion of mine and troug tem I ave gained excellent teamwor sills ere te opportunit arises I will often tae a leadersip role and do m est to improve te success of te team Currentl I am part of Studio odgeall Team and am oping to oin a softall league in te spring

LAAES - Englis - Spanis intermediate fluenc

EEECES Brano Kolarevic niversti of Calgar ranoolarevicucalgarca 1--22-776Marc Boutin niversit of Calgar outinucalgarca

ac onson College ro ainters 1--7-55


Ever since I was a oung o growing up on a small soutern Alerta farm I ave ad a love and a passion to design and uild I started wit fences and seds wic we needed to manage te farm As I grew older and m sill set increased wit m dads elp I egan designing and uilding numerous tings around our farm lie a pergola and a oardwal en I was 15 ears old wile uilding a gazeo m true passion for arcitecture was orn If ou ased me ten wat I wanted to e I would ave answered an arcitect In fact m mom ept te newspaper article in wic tat answer was uoted pon entering universit for m undergrad I ad intended to do a few ears of international management and political science efore transfering into a program wic was more aligned wit a Masters in Arcitecture However as te sa life got in te wa nfortunatel a car accident and an illness pressed m famil over te 5 ears of m undergrad and I suppose all te stress involved wit tat caused me to neglect m passion However ver sortl after completing m undergrad and woring in oil and gas I realized tat te onl vocation tat would mae me app in life was arcitecture So I set aout doing wat I needed to get into te program at of C In te end I value tat I come from a diverse and largel unrelated undergraduate acground M international management degree gave me a great deal of perspective regarding international cultures etc wic is ver useful in arcitecture Moreover it is also an outlet for political discussion so an understanding of politics will and as alread proven useful ow I am in te middle of a us compreensive studio semester and I couldnt e appier Toug te worload is eav in te end it doesnt oter me as tere is noting else Id rater e doing Tanfull I am surrounded a loving wife famil and friends wo are ver supportive of m endeavors M passion for arcitecture stems from a elief tat it is a true artform It is te creation of art tat people can live and reate in As suc it can also e a medium for social cange and discussion I elieve It can also serve to cange peoples lives and even te world for te etter I loo to use arcitecture to cange peoples perspective and re-examine te wa te world wors urtermore I ave recentl ecome invested in arcitecture wic is sustainale not simpl in terms of eing green ut tat will stand te test of time Tis reuires uildings wic are designed wit longevit in mind and offer spaces wic are flexile and adaptive to ensure tat as needs of a neigorood or cit cange te uilding can easil cange wit it

Page 3: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham


lie Effects Slide Effects exemplifies ow arcitecture ma adapt to canges in time wic are delineated te uildings program In te case of Slide Effects te arcitecture responds to canges in te reuirements of space for an art galler a 1t level outdoor plaza a performance teatre and semi-permanent special event space Te structure osts a numer of ig tec and low tec means of adapting to te needs of tese spaces Tis ensures tat te are suited for numerous events and performances tus ensuring te structure will indeed stand te test of time pon approac to te tower one is struc te large cantilever wic extends out over te uppet avilion laza Extended elow te cantilever is wat appears to e a suspended sculpture ile indeed in tis state it is sculpture it is not onl sculpture ut instead it is te avilion itself waiting to e lowered to te ground for te next special event for wic it is needed Tus te avilion serves as ot art and functional space depending on te calling As one moves underneat te massive cantilever towards te main entrance te ma loo up in awe at te illuminated screen underneat wic serves to add ligt and energ to te lower plaza Ten as one eads up towards te t level te ma e wondering wat configuration te teatre will e in Te teatre is designed wit an undulating floor wic can create teared seating in 6 different configurations depending on te demands of a given performance It can also e made into a flat floor for te purpose of a convention or large meeting As a result nearl ever performing art can find a place upon te stage of te Transforming Teatre Tis ensures tat no matter te trend of popular performance of te time te teatre sould e ale to manage all demands However if one would rater spend time viewing art in te Sliding alleries te need onl mae teir wa to te 1t level Tis level also osts a econfigurale laza wic is again focused on adapting to te needs of te program around it In tis case te plaza wors coesivel wit te Sliding alleries to ost special events and art exiitions eraps most interesting is te manner in wic te Sliding alleries cange our perspective itin te alleries te ma e retracted and sitting on te 1t level entirel or te ma e cantilevered out over te street and railwa elow Tere ones context and spatial relationsip canges around tem effecting new perspectives imperative to successfull viewing te art witin te galleries urtermore te state of sliding galleries is primaril dependent on te need of te galler en te alleries slide out te open up new space for special exiitions and events wic can e enoed for a limited time Tis can even include osting sporting events and an intimate outdoor movie teatre In addition te Sliding alleries provide a means of ringing art to te cit as large sculptural pieces ma e suspended off of its cantilevers Te laza itself is easil reconfigured troug stacing and unstacing te ligt weigt rectangular locs scattered around te plaza Tis low tec means of reconfiguration can e program or user driven and offer a means to create seating for events or create private outdoor spaces on te plaza for people to socialize view a small performance or peraps view an exiition ue to te programmatic opportunities created te arcitecture of Slide Effects te structure is ver well suited to adapt to te canges in time and will guaranteed e a super uilding from wic to eno all manners of performance and art

sical Model sowing a progression of movement of te Sliding Sections

Page 4: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham

orm eneration

Additional ulic Space

ear ound Access to Ligt

1 St S

1 Ave S

oad Traffic

Bie and edestrian


2Step1Step11 Step

View Seds

Sliding Sections

estaurantArt aller

Art aller

erformance Teatre

ulic laza

ulic laza


niue 26 eneric 7ulic utdoor

Commercial 2

itness Center


Page 5: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham

Conceptual evelopment

Reconfiguration of Form in Response to Program Requirements

Sliding Galleries - ClosedPlaza - Open Configuration

Fully Retracted Event Ready Suspended Sculpture and Media

Sliding Galleries - Fully OpenPlaza - Exhibition Configuration

Sliding Galleries - Partially OpenPlaza - Special Event Configuration

Sliding Galleries and Reconfigurable Plaza

Puppet Pavilion

Transforming Theatre

Reconfigurable/Stackable Blocks

Additional Exhibition/Event Space

Convention Thrust Proscenium


Key Concept Spaces

Page 6: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham

N51 02 0

N51 0

1. Transforming Theatre - 377 m2

2. Lobby - 830 m2

3. Concession/Bar - 31 m2

4. Ticketing - 20 m2

5. Backstage - 65 m2

6. Womens Bathroom - 37 m2

7. Mens Bathroom - 22 m2

Level 8Section 1

N51 02 0

1. West Sliding Gallery - 340 m2

2. North Sliding Gallery - 200 m2

3. Reconfigurable Plaza - 820 m2 - 1015 m2

4. Lobby - 78 m2

Level 10

* Circulation Cores - 46 m2 / Floor



4. 5.

6. 7.





5 1 2m

Section 1


Section and Ke lans

5 1 2m

5 1 2m

Page 7: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham


Te ric-poor gap of Capitalism as grown into a casm Social eualit is desperatel needed; owever socialism is not te answer Instead a new ideolog is reuired one wic inspires tecnological innovation to save te planet and encourages efforts to assist tose less fortunate Tis ideolog is Capitruism A rid utopian political sstem aimed at callenging socio-political norms troug te altruistic efforts of te super wealt Te Capitruism Tower provides tese individuals wit private spaces to live and wor wile also providing te communit wit space to learn and eno tis new ideolog Te structure furter responds to te speculative cit troug a remixing or ridization of tpolog and materialit It tpologicall creates private detaced dwellings witin a tower matrix Tere elevating capitalist notions of private propert into suspended volumes However similiar form in units and pulic access emit socialist ideals of euailt and communit Te structure is purposefull cited in te epi-centre of te percapitalist piers Tis is to ensure it stands as testament to te capitalist individuals living on te piers wo most need to recieve te uildings message Te Tower is excavated into te pier as a gesture of callenging capitalist norms Citizens are funneled to te central pavilion space in order to inspire conversation and consideration of Capitruist ideals Te site also creates a connection etween te large green spaces on eiter side of te pier An ode to te iuldings concern for te environment and survival of te planet Te iulding mixes pulic and private space trougout its program Te amenit space is accessile to all memers of te communit it even maes a smolic effort troug excavation into te pier to reac tose living in less fortunate areas of te cit rivate dwelling units are elevated into te s to a eigt of atleast 1 stories off te groud Tis is to ensure all units ave eual views of te stunning Alerta ocies Te private dwellings are comprised of different designs ased on different conceptual ideas Tese include a unit focused on maximizing te occupants connection wit te outdoors a unit ased on considerations of safet and securit a unit callenging socialist and capitalist ideas of inaiting te volume and finall a unit meant to give its occupants a space wic sntesizes wor and living space However pulic space also exists at eigt troug te Capitruism Viewpoint A pulic space meant to inspire social well-eing Te materials were applied ridizing te socialist ideal of longevit wit te capitalist ideal of efficient modular construction Te materials temselves were in man cases remixed or ridized to create materials wic suited te capitruist concept of efficienc and longevit in construction Material considerations also too into account te tecnological and sustainale concerns of te structures clientsMaterials were also meant to callenge tpical use or application in regards to te speculative cit Te pases of design were sntesized troug an iterative and adaptive process wic primaril enanced te proects conceptual considerations of te new eutopian ideolog and ow capitruism related to material and spatial needs

The aitruism Tower

Page 8: Architectural Design Portfolio -€¦ · Architectural Design Portfolio Graham Ouwerkerk Contents V C 1 Slide Effects 2-5 Capitruism Tower 6 House Agua Luz 7. 1 Graham

House Agua uz


House Agua Luz taes one on a ourne narrated te presence of water and ligt Te interpla of water and ligt descries an increasing energ snonmous wit te omes psical spaces and serves to delineate te omes spaces along a gradient from sanctive to igl connective spaces In tis case sanctive and connective spaces are snonmous wit pulic and private areas of te ome Te sanctive space of te ome purposefull as a limited presence of ligt and water nl a single oculus in te ceiling wic allows ligt to reflect off a small pool in te center of te master edroom illuminates te master edroom te calm and tranuil atmospere created tis design is meant to deliver a space to escape and rest in te dimml lit space As ones ourne moves into te semi-connective spaces more ligt is allowed to flood te spaces located lie te master edroom along te east side of te ome A s ligt sadowed a rain collector screen provide a static ligtscape similar to ligt passing troug a sitting drop of water Tus te pla etween ligt and water is enanced et not full realized Te spaces determined to e semi-connective include te garage two atrooms a laundr room and a guest edroom In te center of te ome a clerestor wall serves to divided te sanctive and semi-connective spaces from te connective spaces owever it ensures tat te ceiling is still ale to e viewed as one continuous canvas to receive te pla of water and ligt Te Canal orientated along te west side of te ome pools and falls in order to reflect a canging ligtscape onto te underside of te single plain roof wic acts as a canvas capturing te reflective ualities of te water At first te canal is rater calm revealing te generall calm atmospere of te front entrance and office space Howerver as one travels nortward into te ome te spaces ecome more and more connective and energetic As a result te water egins to fall into stepped pools in te areas adacent to te living room Tis creates an ever canging ligtscape proected upwards onto te canvas of te ceiling Ten finall te water ripples down a sallow ramp creating te most energetic ligtscape as it passes te games and entertainment room tus signaling tat tis is te most connective space in te ome Tis is furter delineated te presence of an interior water fall in te games room wic serves to ring te sound and psical presence of water into te igl connective space However te true signal tat one is moving into te more connective spaces occurs at te living room Here a small ridge taes one over a small canal Te pscial presence of water determines tat te one as indeed crossed te tresold into te more connective spaces of te ome Meanwile An aperture in te ceiling canvas aove te entertaining room allows additional ligt to filter into te space and enance te rting ligtscape on te canvas Te materials of House Agua Luz were selected to enance te pla of water and ligt Te wite ceiling responds and proects te pla wit prestigeous clarit Meanwile te walls and floor cast in concrete also do teir part to assist in te visualization of te ligtscape inall te mullions along te west facade are made of igl reflective stainless steel Teir tapered design ensures tat more ligt is captured and added to te pla of water and ligt occuring witin te ome